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RWBY: The Top 10 Reasons Why Yang Should Be Your Favorite Character

Hey, everyone.

So to finish up my Top 10 Reasons Why This-Character Should Be Your Favorite series, we have the last member of Team RWBY, our sunny, little dragon, Yang Xiao Long. Once again, I'd like to thank my friend Michaela Roan and RWBY Wonderland admin Blake Belladonna for their help in making this list. If you want to join RWBY Wonderland, click this link: And, if you guys want to make sure you don't miss the next series of RWBY posts, subscribe to my RWBY mailing list: But if you really want to show me the love, support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.con/bryanclaesch.

Alright, then. Let's finish this bitch.

"Yang? Is that you?"

1. "Oh! I'm so proud of my baby sister!"

Yang and Ruby make for interesting siblings. Their proportions are different, their weapons are different, their hair is different, hell, they don't even have the same last name. But despite these differences, Yang still looks out for Ruby with great enthusiasm and she's been doing so for a long time. While we aren't told exactly when, I would estimate that it has been somewhere between 10 to 12 years ago (since Volume 1) when Summer was killed. This effectively cemented Ruby and Yang together as they no longer had a mother to rely on. With Yang being the older and likely feeling guilty for nearly getting the both of them killed, it's apt to say that Yang has practically become a surrogate mother to Ruby.

Something that struck me the other day was that it's never mentioned why Yang thinks it's the best day ever that Ruby gets to go with her to Beacon. Most older siblings would be annoyed if their little brother or sister got moved so far ahead that they ended up going to school together. But not Yang--she's super excited about it. We could assume it's because Yang just has that upbeat of a personality, but it's more likely Yang is relieved that she won't have to leave Ruby behind to fend for herself. I mean, do you remember in Players and Pieces where the Nevermore filled the battlefield with its quills? Do you remember how Yang rushed to help Ruby, and then the tight hug she gave Ruby after Weiss saved her from the Deathstalker? Yang hugs Ruby a lot in Volume 1. Then there's the part in The Shining Beacon where Ruby mentions that Yang used to read to Ruby every night before bed, an activity that is usually performed by a parent.

Another strange thought I had was that because Ruby is so much like Summer and Summer was the only mother Yang ever knew, and so by cherishing Ruby the way she does, Yang is holding onto and cherishing the memory of Summer. No longer able to love her mother, Yang turns to her baby sister and makes sure to love Ruby the way Summer deserved. Hence, Yang becomes the over-doting big sister.

"Please, stop..."

2. "I'm not asking you to stop. Just please, get some rest. Not just for you, but for the people you care about and who care about you."

Monty had an interesting idea behind introducing the characters of RWBY. It was his intention to make them all look like stock, one-dimensional characters, and then as the show went on, to fill them out. Not many writers have the balls to do that since most readers, editors, and publishers won't even give a writer the time to set something up like that. Once they look stock, no one thinks to read on or care about what happens to them in the story.

When we're introduced to Yang, she's supposed to come off as the super extraverted, quintessential party girl. Always looking for fun and always on the move. But Yang is more than that. She deeply cares about her friends and family, and their relationships are very important to her. Remember when she started crying in Destiny when she thought Blake didn't believe her for being attacked by Mercury? Yeah, a skin-deep, party girl wouldn't do that. A party girl also wouldn't have a never-ending search for the mother she never knew. While Yang could have lived her life as she saw fit and think of Raven as dead to her, she doesn't. Yang genuinely cares about her friends and family, and she feels the sting of rejection or disbelief quite deeply. All of which will make Yang and Blake's reunion very interesting to see.

3. "Wait! Yang! Is she alright?"
"Uh... She's uh... She's gonna be alright. I think she's just... I think it's just going to take some time for her to get used to things. She's too strong to let this stop her."

Yang is a strong girl. Physically, but also mentally. She has such a strong will that you could call her stubborn, such as in her fight against Neo. And while Yang did take some time getting used to only having one arm, she didn't let it interfere with her day-to-day to life, and she hated how her incident with Adam left her with PTSD. Not wanting to be pitied or looked after by Tai, she took a chance on the prosthetic arm from Atlas in an attempt to re-forge her life and achieve a degree of normality that was more normal than being without it. Something I've mentioned elsewhere is that a good indication of Yang's inner state is her hair since it's so important to her and her vision of self. When it was tied up, so was she. But when her hair flows freely, that's when she's ready to burn brighter than everyone else.

4. "Yes, Junior. I have several. But instead of 'sweetheart,' you can just call me 'sir!'"

You ever seen Persona 4: The Animation? Do you remember the scene where Yu and Yosuke are sharing a tent with Kanji and he gets irritated with them for thinking he's gay, so he declares he's going to go sleep with the girls since they had more balls than them? Yeah, Yang is one of those girls that Yu referred to when he said, "For some girls, that is true."

Whether you call it balls, confidence, daredeviltry, or brash, Yang isn't afraid of doing what needs to be done in order to achieve her objective. She'll grab a guy by the balls, she'll destroy his club, she openly declares that she'll be turning heads, and she'll put herself at risk to help her friends. Of course, though, if Yang can have fun while doing it, she's going to. Let's not forget how she giggled after being launched off the cliff in The First Step.

Yang's favorite ballet is the Nutcracker.
(Is it true that Barbara actually grabbed Jack's balls once?)

5. "You're Yang Xiao Long. My sunny, little dragon."

Whenever we see Yang, we usually see her smiling and having fun. She's very positive and upbeat, and very few things get to her. In fact, it's unusual to see her bothered by something or even hurting. When she was bested by Neo, lost to Adam, and Blake didn't believe her or worse, ran away, those were all difficult moments for her. She's not one to sweat the small stuff. She can even take a jab thrown her way about her arm and her hair. Yang is emotionally resilient, and she can almost always find a reason to smile.

I need a better system than Print Screen.

6. Bumblebee

Did you honestly think I was talking about the ship? Well, if you read the Top 10 Reasons Why Blake Should Be Your Favorite Character you wouldn't have. (Maybe I'll do a blog post on why I hate the ship so much and why it's actually a terrible idea.)

But, anyway, Yang's got a bike. And bikes are pretty cool. While I may not like bikers for their impetuous attitudes, I find it difficult to squash my desire for a motorcycle. I have fond memories of being a kid and zipping around my neighbor on my bike. What could be better than strapping 1000 CC's of power to that experience. And so, just like with Ruby and scythes, the cool factor of Bumblebee helps make Yang cool(er). And as far as we've seen, she's a safe and responsible driver, but very capable and skilled when the time comes. Which is more than we can say for the Fake AH Crew and their talents on bikes. (To be fair though, most of those blunders are Gavin.)

7. This Porridge Is Too Cold

Just like how Ruby is a great interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood, Yang is a great interpretation of Goldilocks. In fact, I'd say Yang is a huge improvement on the original. For one, she isn't a stupid kid who committed a B&E, raided someone else's food, messed up the ass grooves on their favorite chairs, and then invited herself over for a slumber party. And the only notable thing about Goldilocks was that she was a dumb blonde and a criminal. Yang's neither of those things, and her hair has more meaning to who she is than just a color. Still though, I'd love a direct reference or joke back to Goldilocks in RWBY. The scene where she killed a couple of Ursas isn't enough.

8. "Laugh all you want. I'll be turning heads tomorrow night."

Well, I told you all it was coming, and here it is: Yang is the sexiest member of Team RWBY and possibly the whole show. Which is a bold statement considering Yang has some pretty stiff competition from the likes of Neo and Emerald. Hell, even Glynda has a number of very committed fans. But for me, the victor is Yang, and it's not just because of two very large and obvious reasons. She's got a great ass, too! No, I kid. Although it did look good in the Yellow Trailer. But the reason why I saw Yang is the sexiest character is because she has both a banging body and a fun personality. Everyone wants to have fun and we all prefer to be around pretty things rather than ugly, so that instantly makes Yang a winner across the board. True, my RWBY waifu is probably Weiss and Ruby is the most adorable, but who wouldn't want to at the very least date Yang? It'd be a good time.

Did you know that Monty based Yang's dress off one
Marilyn Monroe wore?

9. Dumbass: I'm a master of Karate! Hi-ya!
Smartass: I'm a master of Ka-chuk.
Dumbass: What's Ka-chuck?
Smartass: *Pulls out a shotgun and pumps it*

The Ember Celica. Who in their right mind would strap a shotgun to a gauntlet? I criticize, but just like combining a rifle with a scythe, it's actually a great idea. It combines a long range weapon with a short range one, and who wouldn't want to attach a shotgun to a gauntlet. I'm pretty sure a lot of people think the hidden blade from Assassin's Creed is one of the coolest things ever, so why not attach a shotgun to a gauntlet? Never mind the fact you're strapping a shotgun's recoil straight to your arm. But, hey, if we're going to get that picky, we're going to have to dismantle every weapon in RWBY. So let's just enjoy the Ember Celica as it is and imagine ourselves punching someone we really don't like with them.

10. "With each hit, she gets stronger. And she uses that energy to fight back. That's what makes her special."

Yang's semblance. The ability to take damage and then dish it back twice as hard. It's a pretty good one. Admittedly, it has some flaws and Yang isn't always strong enough to take the hit, but come on, she's a friggin' Super Saiyan! And what's more, she's a female Super Saiyan. There aren't any of those in DBZ, and if Yang could fire a Kamehameha (my autocorrect recognizes Kamehameha but not saiyan), it'd be the hypest shit. In fact, I'm kind of surprised no one has done any art of Yang using the Kamehameha. (Fan artists! Don't let me down!)

But anyway, we've all had those moments when we get so pissed, we give people that "You're so dead" face and we want the vehemence of our anger to be reflected in how hard we hit them. There'd probably be a lot fewer trolls if that was true. Too bad we aren't all Super Saiyans, but at least Yang is.

"Oh! Looks like Yang is angry. And you wouldn't like her when she's... upset."

And there you have it. The Top 10 Reasons why Yang should be your favorite character. It you guys think I missed any, go ahead and add them in the comments below.

Keep writing, my friends.

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RWBY: The Top 10 Reasons Why Blake Should Be Your Favorite Character

Hey, everyone.

Continuing with my series of Top 10 Reasons Why (this-character) Should Be Your Favorite, this time, we'll be looking at everyone's favorite emo kitty-cat Batman, Blake Belladonna. I'd also like to thank my friend Michaela Roan and RWBY Wonderland admin Blake Belladonna for their help in making this list.

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Let's get to it!


So, Blake... so... Blake-y. I'll be honest, before I started writing the Novelization and before Volume 4, I really didn't like Blake. I didn't get the hype. She felt more like a stock character than the other members of RWBY and it still feels like she has the least characterization of them all. So it can be difficult for me to get into that Blake-mindset, but I'll do my best to explain why people like her so much.

1. "And what about you, Blake?! You seem to carry yourself with a sense of purpose."
"There's too much wrong in this world to just stand by and do nothing. Inequality. Corruption. Someone has to stop it."

Perhaps Blake's strongest asset is her strong sense of justice. Having lived through injustice and even committing unjust acts, Blake knows how far the crimes of others reach and how deeply ingrained they are in the world. Desiring real equality through real change, Blake left the White Fang and became a huntress all for the sake of rooting out the corruption. And even though she isn't quite clear on how to go about it, she's still fighting which is more than most people can say.

2. "There's no such thing as pure evil!"

This one confuses me a little, especially because I do believe in pure evil. (His name is Satan.) I got this from Michaela, so if it confuses you too, blame her.

Anyway, the argument here is that since Blake has been from both the right side and wrong side of the tracks, she can see the motivations behind every action and doesn't actually see people as necessarily evil. At the worst, they're just misguided. Who knows? Perhaps one of the reasons why Blake left the White Fang is because she pitied the White Fang and Adam. Blinded by their prejudices, she sees them not as evil, but handicapped, and so they can't objectively see the harm they're doing.

3. Psychomachia

I'm sure that's a new word for a lot of ya! But I bet Blake knows its meaning.

Anyway, psychomachia is a fancy word for the phenomenon of the angel and devil that sit on either of your shoulders and tell you what to do. Nearly all of Blake's existence has been tied to a battle between good and evil. She is that battle, and she constantly struggles with how to live a normal, virtuous life when her life has been darkened by everything she's done. We even get to see this battle play out as she struggles with the decision to just kill Torchwick or let him live in No Brakes. Her sense of morality and the struggle she faces reflects how others also struggle with the fight between good and evil.

Luckily though, Blake has her own sun who'll never stop brightening her world just like how morning always follows night.

Suck on that Bumblebee shippers! Blake's light is a sun, not a firecracker.

4. Redemptive

Blake fell in with a very bad crowd. She stole, she hurt, and quite possibly maimed or even murdered. (We don't know.) But Blake had the perspective to see what she was doing and what she was becoming, and she was repulsed by it. So, she left and got back on the right path. And as her father points out, she faced the White Fang, her demons, again and again, and she always came out on top rather than running away or changing her stripes for the sake of survival. Her story is one of redemption, and the audience always loves a good redemption story.

"I should have left the White Fang with you and Mom."

5. "I've heard students visiting from Vacuo will be arriving by ship today. And as a representative of Beacon, I feel as though it is my solemn duty to welcome them to this fine kingdom."
"She wants to spy on them so she'll have the upper hand in the tournament."

Not much gets past Blake. Is it the Faunus eyes? The life of a criminal? Or is she just naturally sharp? (Ow! I cut myself!)

Whatever it is, Blake can see through the BS whatever the situation, whether it be Weiss' feigned diplomacy, the goodwill gift of Menagerie, or that there's no good reason for the White Fang to be working with Torchwick. Blake's got the eyes of a hawk.

6. "General Lagoon was inexperienced and made the mistake of trying to ambush the Faunus in their sleep. His massive army was outmatched, and the general was captured. Perhaps if he had paid attention in class, he wouldn't have been remembered as such a failure."

Besides being perceptive, Blake studies. The girl knows her history, and although it's easy to assume she would've known that since she's a Faunus, we must also remember that in Volume 2 when she becomes obsessed with finding Torchwick and the White Fang, one of her problems that Weiss mentions is that her grades started to slip meaning she had grades that could slip. (I can't even claim that! But I don't go to school anymore.) And! The way Blake went searching for the White Fang and Torchwick suggests a studious, researcher mentality what with checking out books and searching the web. Blake's not your stereotypical cat-furry--she's got brains.

7. "Plus she likes books!"

If you were asked to name two things that Blake likes, what would you say? Adam? No! Yang? Maybe. Sun? Depends on the situation. But two things that you'll never go wrong with are books and tea. This may sound a little strange, but for those of us who like books and tea, it's great to see a character with these traits. Especially tea--there's too much coffee in the world! And books and tea go together perfectly. What's the perfect drink to have when you're reading? Tea! What's the best thing to do while drinking a cup of tea? Reading! See? It works splendidly.

8. Mmm, mmm. Yeah, yeah.

Have you guys ever been on YouTube and seen those RWBY Crack videos? Most of them suck, but some are genius. One I saw played that crappy song "Mmm mmm yeah yeah" by Austin Mahone over the footage of Blake walking away from Ruby after helping her with Weiss, and for the first time ever, I had to recognize the fact that Blake has a great booty. It's shallow, I know. But I mentioned Ruby being cute and guess what I'm going to say about Yang. That's right. Steel yourselves. But my point here is that while Blake is overshadowed by Yang, she's no slouch herself in terms of physical beauty. And I think all our hearts melted when we saw her in her prom dress.

9. "Now that's a katana!"

The Gambol Shroud is an interesting weapon. It's a sword, it's a gun, it's sheathe is a sword, and it's got a ribbon and can be thrown like a kunai. While I never would've thought of this as a viable weapon design because there's too much going on and there are better gunblade designs, Blake's weapon is effective and adaptable. In fact, there are times when it's more of a tool than a weapon. And if the Samurai or Ninja could've gotten their hands on the Gambol Shroud, they would have definitely used it. It's a pretty cool katana. (But admittedly Jetsteam Sam's is cooler.)

His sword is also a gun!
Can Blake's sword do that?
Hmm... not bad, actually.

10. "Here. This should help you."

On the surface, Blake's shadow clones don't seem to be anything special. She dodges and leaves a copy of herself to take the hit--what's so great about that? Well, Blake's semblance has a few extra advantages. For instance, she doesn't just dodge, she can use the clones to change the direction of her movement on a dime. She can go from flying right at Torchwick to the train car floor a safe distance away. Or, she can be flying through the air and then use her shadow clones to move her into attack position to take on a giant Nevermore.

Add dust charges to her Gambol Shroud and she can show you a whole range of new tricks from freezing an enemy's weapon in place to blowing them up. And if Weiss' semblance can evolve, I wonder what will happen when Blake's also evolves. Because lets face it, no one predicted Weiss being able to summon her fallen foes or how dust could help Blake. Just goes to show that Miles and Kerry still have a few tricks up their sleeves, and that we still don't know everything there is to know about Blake. How exciting.

And there you have it. The Top 10 Reasons why Blake should be your favorite character.


If you guys think I missed any, go ahead and put them in the comments below.

Keep writing, my friends.

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RWBY: The Top 10 Reasons Why Ruby Should Be Your Favorite Character

Hey, everyone.

So my blog post on why I like Weiss was so popular that I decided to keep it going. Not about Weiss, but about all of Team RWBY. Today, we'll be looking at Team RWBY's leader, Ruby Rose and the top 10 reasons why she should be your favorite. I'd like to thank my friend Michaela Roan and RWBY Wonderland admin Blake Belladonna for helping me put together this list.

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Let's jump in!


So, why would anyone like Ruby? Isn't she just a naïve, inexperienced, and socially awkward, 15-year old? What about her is so great that anyone would call her their favorite character?

1. And victory is in a simple soul

In the opening scene of RWBY, we are introduced to man's creation on Remnant and how he first fought against the grimm. Finding strength in dust, man was able to fight off the grimm, and not only survive, but thrive. But when Salem turns the tables and tells us the end is coming, that "there will be no victory in strength," Ozpin replies, "Or perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you have long forgotten. Things that require a smaller, more honest soul."

Within Ruby is this pure and more honest soul. Ruby is good for the sake of good, and wants to become a huntress for the simple reason to help and save others, and to make sure that everyone lives happily ever after. Is there a nobler virtue?

2. "It's going to be tough. But I know we can do it. We've never back down before, and we're not going to start now. Besides, it won't only be us out there. We'll be fighting alongside a genuine huntsman!"

Ruby has a bright outlook on the future. Thinking back to Field Trip, after Team CFVY returns from their mission that ran long, Team RWBY seems worried about their own mission to Mountain Glenn. Ruby admits that their mission is going to be tough, but she reassures her team that they can do it. Having never backed down from a challenge and coming out smelling like roses every time (to that date), Ruby's pep talk warms the spirits of her team and they get pumped for their mission.

3. "Of course, I'm excited. I just... I got moved ahead two years."

Ruby is a competent and skilled huntress. If she wasn't, Ozpin wouldn't have let her into Beacon. Thinking about Ruby's combat history, she has fought alongside huntresses and huntsmen at least two years older than her, she has faced villains single-handedly, and slain dozens of grimm. While I don't like the fact that the Beowolf is regarded as RWBY's version of the slime from Dragon Quest, because the Beowolf is really cool, Ruby has fought multiple packs without a problem. She fought one in her trailer, she criticizes Weiss for not being able to handle a pack alone, and then there was the Volume 4 character short where Ruby took out a Nevermore, Beowolves, and a Beringel all by herself. Girl's got skillz.

"You better hurry."
Translation: I'm not saving any for you guys.

4. "I have a plan."

Regardless of what the situation is, Ruby always seems to have a plan in mind. From taking down giant Nevermores to giving Weiss obvious advice in class, Ruby always manages to find the solution to her combat problem and is remarkably adaptable. If it weren't for Jaune and high heels, she could be the best strategist in the show.

5. "You've been burdened with a daunting responsibility, Ruby. I advise you take some time to think about how you will uphold it."

One of the things working against Ruby is her age. And with her youth comes immaturity. Everything from making fart noises in class to balancing a binder on a pencil. But when her immaturity creates friction between her and Weiss, with some help from Ozpin, Ruby realizes that she has to always be at her very best so that those who follow her will be, too. Even in Volume 4, Jaune tells Ruby, that despite everything she's lost and could still lose, she gave the rest of JNPR the courage to follow her.

6. "And what is an adorable girl such as yourself doing at a school designed to train warriors?

"Uh... well..."

Okay, so this is a little shallow and mostly opinion based. I do know that Nora and Penny seem to be in the running for cutest character in RWBY, but my money is on Ruby. While all three girls have what I consider to be essential cute girl qualities: short, upbeat, high energy, and short hair, sometimes I find Nora really annoying, and Penny's too naïve. Even in her sexier, timeskip outfit, I still think Ruby is as cute as a button. I really wish real girls looked like that.

7. Little Red Riding Hood

Very few people can deny that Kerry, Miles, and Monty did good basing their characters off fairytales, but besides Yang, I think Ruby is really where they did super well. Little Red Riding Hood is one of my favorite fairytales, and why wouldn't it be? It's essentially a Bloodborne side quest.


I also dig hoods. I used to wear hoodies all the time and a common theme in some of my novels is that characters who are author inserts often wear hoods. Add to that, I dig Ruby's Gothic threads and if it were socially acceptable, I would dress more Gothic myself. (That and I'm basically an emo teenager at heart.) Whether it be Ruby's original outfit or her timeskip one, both are good on her with her timeskip outfit easily being my favorite in the series. And lastly, my favorite colors are red and black. So, yeah...

8. "Got your back!"
"Who's got yours?"
"My BFF!"


Besides Ruby's noble soul, her most virtuous trait is that she's a loyal and loving friend. The thing about people like Ruby is that while they're terrible in social situations, they often make the most loyal of friends. (I should know being an INTJ.)

Remembering back to Ruby's introduction to Weiss and Blake, she really wasn't comfortable in either situation. And then at the prom, she was hiding out at the punch bowl. But despite her social awkwardness, Ruby doesn't let that get in the way of her duty to her friends. She accepts them as they are whether they be Faunus or made of bolts and nuts instead of squishy guts. She's there for them in a pinch whether they need to escape Atlas personnel or when one is being attacked by a Nervermore, (even though that friend just made quarters out of a penny). She's willing to stare down almost certain death just to save a friend.

9. She Goes Naaaarrrroooo!

Ruby's semblance is speed. Or is it turning into rose petals? Either way, Ruby can go super fast. So fast that she becomes a red tornado capable of creating a vortex that sucks up things and people in its wake. Ruby's speed allows her to get the drop on her enemies, flee when necessary, or even use it to augment others' abilities such as when she and Nora defeated the Geist grimm in the first episode of Volume 4. And honestly, after being able to read minds and turn invisible, super speed is number one on my super power list.

10. "It's also a gun!"

Scythes are cool. Why? Probably because they're associated with the Grim Reaper despite the fact a scythe makes a terrible weapon. (Yes, I know about battle scythes. No need to tell me.) Therefore when you see a character wielding a scythe as a weapon, it makes them an instant badass. (Except for Dante from Dante's Inferno.) But scythes are great regardless of their inception, whether they be Crimson Rose, the Burial Blade, or Qrow's scythe, it's just a cool weapon and turns its wielder into Death's Apprentice. (Hey! Death's Apprentice. Cool story title.)

Well guys, that was the top 10 reasons why you should like Ruby. If you think I missed anything, let me know what it was in the comments. And don't forget to sign up for the mailing list so you don't miss anything RWBY.

Keep writing, my friends.

The moment we all fell in love.

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The Passion of Gloucester and Sinéad: A Pseudo-Shakespearean Play

I'm pleased to announce the release of my first published work. (Actually, it was days ago, but...) Anyway, it is called The Passion of Gloucester and Sinéad: A Pseudo-Shakespearean Play.

Based off his tragedies and histories, The Passion offers readers and fans an original story in which they can reconnect with the language and themes of the great Bard, while Love's Labour's Won finally brings a conclusion to the story of Love's Labour's Lost. For 400 years, the play remained unfinished despite the fact the courtly lovers swore to see each other after a "twelvemonth and a day."

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Synopsis for The Passion: The Kingdom of Albion has enjoyed an unprecedented era of success in war and foreign diplomacy thanks to its guild of assassins led by the Duke of Gloucester and the kingdom's elite knights led by Gloucester's niece, the Captain Sinéad. But the old foe, Calais, general of the forces of Gallia, seeks retribution for suffering losses to them both enacting a scheme that will pit these two paragon guardians against each other and the Crown. For the sake of Albion, Gloucester and Sinéad must find a way to reconcile with each other before Calais can ravage the kingdom.

Synopsis for Love's Labour's Won: Shakespeare's romantic comedy Love's Labour's Lost ended with a cliffhanger. The four courtly couples swore to meet again after a "twelvemonth and a day" when they would swear their oaths and be together. But Love's Labour's Lost remained unfinished with other plays taking the place of its conclusion. Finally, after 400 years, one ambitious Shakespeare student takes on the burden to see it finished.

Keep writing, my friends.

RWBY: The Novelization Update

Some of you know that I write RWBY: The Novelization. For those of you who don't, I wrote a novelization of RWBY. Not the whole thing, but most of volumes 1 and 2, and the Yellow Trailer. If you're interested, you can read it on Inkitt, Deviantart, or

Now, back in May or June when I finished Volume 2, I uploaded a vid to my YouTube channel talking about why I did the Novelization and what my future plans were. To keep things short: because I love writing, really like RWBY, and I wouldn't mind having a contract with RT where they actually pay me to write the thing, and my future plans were to start releasing Volume 3 chapters on July 7th. As is obvious, I have not done that. Why?

There are a few reasons, but the most influential one is that when I wrote the Novelization, I didn't need to worry about money. Sure, the Novelization doesn't take up that much time, but it does take a few hours per week. There's at least two hours of work transcribing and writing an episode, an hour or two for editing, and then there's the uploading which when done on three different sites, takes longer than you'd think. So, I could very easily work and write the Novelization, but my situation has changed in other ways too.

When July started, I decided to get serious about this whole writing as a career thing and self-publishing my work. And that all takes time--time to write, time to edit, time to finagle Amazon's system, and time to market. Add to that, I've given myself several more projects due before the end of August. See, the secret to being successful as a self-published writer isn't having one book that makes you a hundred dollars, but rather having a hundred books that make you a dollar a day. And since money is an option right now, guess what gets the priority.

In addition to that, I'm going to start editing/doing another draft of a novel I completed a few months ago as I begin a third. Plus, I've got a project with my uncle. Basically, we're creating an app and there's going to be an animated web-series to go with it, but that's not making me any money yet. And! There'll be a book to go with that, and my uncle wants me to help him write a few memoir projects of his own. So... yeah. Writing... it's what I do.

So, what does this mean for the Novelization? Will it be indefinitely put on hold? NO! It shan't.

The Novelization is actually somewhat popular and people request I keep working on it. Problem is, I don't have the time to devote to a whole volume right now. And as some of you may remember, part of my self-publishing plan with regards to RWBY was to create a following that I could show to Rooster Teeth before I started hitting them up for a contract. But the Novelization is fairly popular. I think I might spring my plan early. But, not yet.

The plan is to take a look at the earlier entries of the Novelization and polish them, especially the first two entries, The Yellow Trailer and Ruby Rose and Welcome to Beacon, because these will be a part of the portfolio I send to Rooster Teeth. I may also send in a new version of Best Day Ever and another chapter from Volume 2. Why? Because I intend on writing at least two fresh chapters from Volume 3 and I will write the Red, White, and Black trailers. I'll also release these new entries to you, my adoring fans, on the usual channels and this blog. (I might even start adding them to Reddit.)

The purpose of all this is to show Rooster Teeth the scope of my abilities. But I can't do it alone. I quite appreciate all the support you guys give, and I have to ask for more (which I hate because I'm an INTJ). How can you support me? Keep reading the Novelization. Share it, get it out there. Comment on it. Discuss it. And if you actually want to see it whole as a real book, tell Rooster Teeth you want it and point them in my direction. You can also support me by checking out my original work. I have three books that are available now. I'll write entries for them, but if you want to check them out now, click this link:

And lastly, keep reading this blog. I intend on expanding its scope to include RWBY stuff because my Weiss blog got more hits than my RWBY videos ever have. So, all those things I planned to do videos on but didn't because making videos are a huge pain in the ass, you can expect them here. I'll do speculations on Summer, dust, and why the moon is f-ed up. And just like how I broke down the reasons why I like Weiss, I'll do the same thing for the rest of Team RWBY.

I've got some big things in store, and I can't wait to share them. Like I said in January, 2017 is going to be my year.

So, to end this post, let me ask you guys something--I have my own ideas on which chapters from Volume 3 I'm going to write in the interim and for Rooster Teeth, but if you guys could request two chapters for me to write, what would they be? Put your answers in the comments below.

Keep writing, my friends.

Monday, July 17, 2017

An Open Fan Letter to RWBY: Why Weiss is My Favorite Character

So, assuming you guys haven't been living under a rock, surely you must know that Rooster Teeth released a character short for Volume 5 today and it featured everyone's favorite little snowflake--and I don't mean those bozos who are still butt hurt over Trump winning the election. I mean Weiss Schnee from RWBY.

Personally, I was very happy to hear about this. I mean, I wasn't jumping up and down with excitement, but I was excited. Not just because I am a fan of RWBY, but especially because Weiss is my favorite character in RWBY. I mean, sure, Ruby is the cutest and has the best post-timeskip costume, Yang is the hottest, even with the robit arm, and the battle for who has the coolest weapon is a tie between Ruby and Qrow, but my favorite character is still Weiss. Why? Well, because I identify with her.

To some that probably sounds a little weird--I mean, a dude identifying with a female character, but Weiss being my favorite character has nothing to do with her gender. I mean, it doesn't hurt as I am oddly drawn and more sympathetic to female characters, either because I've never had a meaningful relationship or it's just my natural male aptitude, but... A-Anyway, I'm losing the plot. Why is Weiss my favorite character? Well, let's break it down.

1. She comes off as stand-offish, arrogant, and spoiled.

When we were first introduced to Weiss, she was the stereotypical spoiled rich girl--in other words, a total Bitchface McGee. But as we learned more about Weiss, one of the things we learned is that because she's from such a high class family, she is almost a sort of princess or nobility. As a result, she was raised to be reserved, refined, mannerly, and always conduct herself with the highest degree of dignity.

Now, I'm not rich. In fact, I was raised in the middle class, and the lower middle class at that. As time has gone on, things have gotten better, but I've never been well off. But, I totally get that Weiss' default personality is to act refined. My parents weren't high class either, but I was raised with an expectation to do well in school, to be mannerly and respectful in public, and to act like a civilized member of society. Now, this manifested in a stand-offish, almost arrogant personality because I am, like my parents, an Introvert, but that's how Introverts act in public. So, when I see Weiss interacting with her friends, teachers, and others, that's more or less the way I act.

2. She looks up to her sister.

When we were introduced to Winter in Volume 3, suddenly all the blocks fell into place about why Weiss was Weiss--she adores her older sister. Weiss looks up to Winter and tries to emulate her, constantly seeking her approval. And sometimes, Weiss fails and Winter punishes her.

Now, I've never been struck by either of my older siblings, and at times, we've been the worst of enemies, but there was a time when I too sought the approval of my brother and sister. The thing about my brother and sister is that they are two years apart while I am nine and seven years behind them. It was just the two of them for a long time, and in that time, they shared a lot of experiences together and grew together in ways I can't possibly imagine. But one of the ways in which they did was that they both have similar senses of humor and I've always found them hilarious. They are seriously two of the funniest people I know. But when they're cracking jokes and they're on a roll, and I try to add my own bit in there... crickets. That's not every time, but it is often enough that I'm sure everyone has noticed. So, I get Weiss trying to be like her big sister.

3. She tries to be serious, reserved, and respectable, but her best friend is a loon.

No one in the whole world except for maybe Weiss herself will deny that Ruby and Weiss are BFF's. Hell, they're super besties-better-than-the-resties. But they are an odd couple. Weiss is ambitious and driven to succeed almost at any cost, while Ruby is just fine with being herself and spending time with her friends. But Weiss is better at dealing with people and social situations in general whereas Ruby's no good at it. In some ways, Ruby is a huge goofball and kind of awkward.

But in those social interactions, despite Weiss' impressive breeding, people tend to overlook her for the more charming, honest, and friendly Ruby. I have a friend named John, and while he is not awkward in the slightest, he's not above being a bit of a goof. He acts weird and gets laughs. He acts weird and people are charmed. He act weird and the girls smile at him. I do my thing with being refined and respectable, and I'm overlooked. Just like Weiss, I think myself amazing and worthy of recognition, but people tend to prefer our goofy friends over us.

4. Weiss' ambition to be the best and resulting humiliation after losing out to someone who seemingly barely tries or doesn't "deserve" it.

Speaking of thinking you deserve recognition...

When Weiss went off on Ruby in Volume 1 because she thought Ruby was too immature to be team leader, I completely understood where Weiss was coming from. We've both put in the time and hard work to be accomplished as we are, and although we don't show it outwardly, both Weiss and I are super competitive with our eyes on the prize. And although our humiliation may not be public, it can be absolutely crushing to fail and lose to someone who seemingly doesn't "deserve" it or was only victorious because of sheer dumb luck.

It's tough to be ambitious in a world where natural skill and ability can surpass ambition and hard work like they don't matter.

5. She's pursuing a vocation that her parents don't support.

Volume 2 is almost certainly my favorite volume of RWBY for two reasons: Dance, Dance Infiltration and Search and Destroy. DDI is awesome because it finally gives a release to the epic blue ballsing that is ship Arkos, and Mountain Glenn is awesome because it has character development. Character! Development! See, I'm a writer, and I love character development. Hell, I bop my baloney to that shit. But the best thing about character development is finding out why characters do what they do. And finding out that Weiss saw being a huntress as her "duty," rather than springing for a cushy job in Atlas was pretty cool.

But then when we found out in Volume 3 that Weiss wasn't supported in her endeavor to be a huntress by her father, well, it really hits home for me. As I've mentioned in an earlier blog post, my parents don't support me in my dreams to be a writer. They think it too difficult and too luck based to be a good life choice. But, writing isn't just simply a job to me--it's my purpose, my calling, my vocation, it is the reason why I exist. I am because I write, and I write because I am. So really, Weiss and I are in the same boat there, and while we're disappointed that our parents can't be there for us, we won't let that stop us. Hell, our parents' disappointment is one of the driving forces behind why we do what we do... because we have to prove them wrong!

6. Weiss has the best and most adaptable weapon and semblance.

Weiss isn't the best huntress or strongest or even the coolest, but Myrtenaster and the Schnee Glyphs are easily the most adaptable and best weapon and semblance in all of RWBY. I mean, think about it: the Myrtenaster has a spinning revolver full of different types of dust that can be used to charge the blade and be used to attack or defend. In one moment, Weiss is using a firebrand and setting forests on fire, the next she's blocking an enemy's chainsword or encasing herself and her team in a protective ice cocoon.

Then, there are her glyphs. They can be used as shields, platforms, control momentum, defy gravity, do time dilations, and of course, summon those she has struck down in battle to fight by her side. And, she can combine her semblance with the Myrtenaster and just break the system. Weiss can be a front line soldier, she can play defense, or she can support the other members in her team from making Ruby fly or run up Beacon's CCT to allowing Blake to move at speeds so fast she can slice and dice missiles. Tell me: what can't Weiss do? Maybe she can't absorb the energy of her enemy's attack and deal it out twice as hard back, but when you've got glyphs and a multi-action dust rapier, you don't need Yang's semblance.

Well, those are all the reasons why Weiss is my favorite character. If you guys haven't seen the RWBY Volume 5 Weiss Character Short, you can see it here:
And if you want to see the video critique I did of it, here's the link to that:

Keep writing, my friends.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Three Types of Publishing

To accompany the release of my first published book, I've decided to write about the three types of publishing. They are traditional, self, and vanity. They each have their own pros and cons, and if you're just starting out, it's worth taking a look at them so you know your options.

1. Traditional Publishing

This is the one we all strive for. It's the dream we all see ourselves accomplishing the first day we say to ourselves "I'm writing a book!" Also called legacy publishing (which traditional publishers find offensive for some reason), I shouldn't really need to go into details about this one. You write your manuscript, you (or your agent) submit it, and you're accepted or turned down. If you're accepted, your manuscript gets edited, gets a cover, you receive an advance, royalties, and you get to see your book on the shelf at your local Barnes & Noble. But... there are some drawbacks.

Getting accepted is difficult. You need to have a really polished manuscript and a damn good query. So good in fact, it makes me wonder why the hell they hire editors at traditional publishers--by the time your submit your book, you could be your own editor. And while some people do get six figure advances, they're rare and they're not paid out in full. And you only get royalties if your book sells past a certain quota. Plus, the royalties aren't that high. And! sometimes you don't get to choose the title of your book, and major changes can be made to it as the publisher decides--after all, they're the ones assuming the financial responsibility for it if it flops.

Now, some writers will still choose to go with traditional publishers because they trust the publisher will do the marketing for their book. This is and isn't true. More and more these days, publishers are leaning on authors to take the lead in making sure their books get noticed, which means if you're the type of person who says, "I'm an artist, not a businessman," you may be up shit's creek anyway.

2. Self-Publishing

Ah, self-publishing. The almost too obvious route if all you want is to be published. But hey, a published book on Amazon is better than two on your hard drive.

Now, it's no lie that self-publishing has a lot of benefits, but it also has quite a few cons. Firstly, while you don't have to compete and beat out other writers to get accepted, you still have to make sure that your book is polished enough to read. And that can be a problem as many writers advocate hiring a professional editor, but editors ain't cheap. Ergo, you have to edit yourself which takes time, effort, a lot of learning on your own, and an ability to look beyond your own perspective to see what your audience will actually see what you're writing.

Another bonus is that the royalties are much higher. On Amazon, you can set your own royalties, either 35% or 70%. Why those two? Well, Amazon is a bit weird in that if you want 70% commission, you have to sell your book anywhere between $2.99 to $9.99. If you want to go lower or higher, you need to set it to 35%. Problem is, at 35%, you'll need to sell your book at $19.99 in order to get a commission comparable to 70% at $9.99. But, with Amazon's Matchbook system, you can market your Kindle book higher with your paperback (that's another thing, Amazon has print-on-demand paperback) just slightly more expensive than that and then offer to throw in the Kindle edition for free so it looks like the consumer is getting a sweet deal--two versions of a book for the price of only one of them!

But, the biggest issue with self-publishing is that you have to market everything yourself, or pay for a marketing team. That can be tricky and requires you to learn a lot about social media. It can be daunting. Believe me, I'm still an amateur at it myself and it scares the shit out of me. But, but, but! The best thing ever is the counter to that--total creative control. You choose the title, content, and you design the cover. Don't want to pay Create Space's obscene $400 price tag? Well, both Create Space and Amazon have decent free options. But the real way to do it is to find a college student majoring in art or creative design, and offer them a fraction of the actual price. If you're lucky, you can sell it as an internship-like opportunity and not pay a penny!

3. Vanity Publishing

Now, we come to vanity publishing. But what is vanity publishing? It's the act of getting your book professionally published (that's good), but you pay for the privilege (that's bad). Some people may not think that so bad, but its a little more sketchy than all that.

Some vanity publishers offer a wide variety of publishing packages for whatever your budget is, but the really nice packages are easily 5 to 10 grand. I've seen packages that go up to 13. In fact, just a few days ago on the Facebook page Book Promotion, there was a member who had turned to crowd funding because he needed to raise $6,000 to publish his book. But, like the kind, gentle people we are, we set him on the right path.

If you still think that isn't so bad and you've got $13,000 burning a hole in your pocket, then I should tell you that vanity publishers act more like a business than traditional publishers. Most vanity publishers are known for doing unscrupulous things like taking over the book. Sure, they'll pay you for it, but you'll no longer have any control over how it's sold, marketed, distributed, or even the content. It'll be their property, not yours. And! If vanity publishers think you're interested, they'll hound you like Jehovah's Witnesses seeking a convert or a scam artist thinking you're the perfect pigeon. Hell, I still get emails occasionally from Xlibris and Dorrance Publishing.

And if all that still hasn't turned you off, well then, how about this? If you publish through a vanity publisher and your book does well, it won't be picked up by a traditional publishing house. In fact, your book (or you!) could become blacklisted, and you'll never see a real publishing deal. Compare that to the fact that some traditional publishers give mad props to successful self-publishers and will gladly pick them up, and vanity publishing looks less and less desirable.

But, some people will argue that there is a method of publishing out there for just about everybody. They'll say there are times when vanity publishing is acceptable such as with limited releases like with Grandma's Favorite Recipes Cook Book that she made for every family at the family reunion. But, I would argue that self-publishing is still vastly superior because Grandma's Favorite Recipes Cook Book could be a bestseller and make her and her descendants money long after she's gone.

I should also mention that there are some writers out there who have never had an issue with getting traditionally published and being successful at it. So, you'll need to find what works for you.

Personally, my plan is to self-publish my smaller projects, but hit up the big wigs with my magnum opi. At least then I'll have something they can look at and judge me better.

If you'd like more information on publishing, check out the videos below. They're from two different writers who chose to self-publish and why.

Keep writing, my friends.
Jenna Moreci:
Texan in Tokyo:

The 7 Deadly Online Dating Profile Sins

I've spent a lot of time on dating sites. I actually consider myself a veteran of the system as I've been using them since my early twenties. Zoosk, Match, eHarmony, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Craigslist... I've used a bunch. And over the years, I've seen a lot of different posts. And to be honest, most of them suck.

So, what should you write when posting your ad? Well, let's answer that question by looking at these seven things you should definitely not do.

1. "My life sucks!"

Some of the posts you'll see on dating sites and most of the ones you find on Craigslist are all about how the poster's life sucks. It seems like they're aimed at trying to invoke people's sympathy and get a pity date. They'll talk about how they just got out of a bad relationship, are still in a bad relationship, or they haven't been on a date in a long time. Now, while invoking people's sympathy will make some people go, "Aw, you poor thing," it won't make them want to ask you out. They may message you, but it'll be to comfort you.

Believe it or not, no one wants to date someone who is sad or whiny--people want to date someone who is happy and can either control their lives or are capable of bouncing back. Resilience is very attractive regardless of who you are. Complaining makes you look immature and demanding.

2. "I'm amazing! Why am I still single?!"

Alright, well, maybe you're not saying it like that. Maybe you're just listing off all your good qualities. But I've seen ads that have started with "What would you do if there was a girl who..." and then she proceeded to list off all her positive attributes.

There are a couple of reasons why this may not work:
1. By trying to make yourself sound so incredible that it's strange for you to be single, you may come off as arrogant. People may not believe that you are actually that amazing and that you may even be blind to your faults.
2. Just like with "My life sucks!" this also sounds like a desperate cry for attention. "Hello! I'm just as good, if not better, than anyone else out there! Look at me, look at me, look at me!"
3. You might actually scare someone off. As crazy as it sounds, you might make yourself sound so good, you'll trip other people's insecurities and they'll automatically conclude that they're not good enough for you, and end up passing you by.
4. Part of the fun of dating is getting to know someone. So, when you just tell everyone everything about you, you deprive your potential partner of the pleasure of getting to know you. I know that many of us turn to online dating to speed up the process and increase the results of dating, but some things are better left unsaid and are more exciting when discovered.

3. "If you don't like that I'm (blank), then you can move on."

Regardless of what quality you put in blank, you should never put this in an ad for two reasons: 1. It's obvious, and 2. It's aggressive.

Obviously, not everyone out there is for everyone else. And obviously, not everyone is going to be attracted to everyone else. So, if a person doesn't like something about you, then obviously they're going to move on. They don't need your permission or blessing to do so. They know what they like and what they don't like.

And the reason why this is aggressive is because it makes you sound like you've got a chip on your shoulder, like you've been rejected before for whatever blank is. While that may be true, you don't want to come off bitter about it because it just plainly isn't attractive. It makes you look defensive and that just makes others uncomfortable. Not to mention it's a waste of characters and words where you could be saying something positive about yourself instead. Remember, you want to look happy and well-adjusted. No one is going to want to date someone who is constantly or easily irritated.

4. "I've got curves, but they're all in the right places."

Alright, ladies--this one is aimed specifically at you. And, it's aimed at the Craigslist ladies. Why is this a problem? Because it makes you sound like you're trying to get away with something. Rather than just coming straight out and saying, "I have an hourglass body shape," or "I've got a big butt and boobs," you say something cryptic like "all my curves are in the right places."

Why is this cryptic? Because, what are the "right places?" Most men would assume you're talking about your tatas and tookhes, but some men are chubby chasers. And even further, some men are boob guys and some are ass men. To them, there may only be one right place. I get that you don't want to lie about the fact that you aren't skinny, but saying your body looks like an hourglass has you covered on all fronts, skinny or thick. And if you have a true hourglass, it won't matter if you have a little extra in your midsection--your bust and hips offset it.

But further still, you should always avoid being cryptic in your posts. Don't use complicated descriptions to describe yourself. If you're not comfortable describing an aspect of your appearance, either keep to the cold hard facts like height, weight, eye and hair color, or include a picture. Men don't need to know the shade of your skin or that one "part" of you is bigger than "another." Again, that's part of the fun of dating.

5. "I guess what I'm looking for is an FWB, but ongoing and with an emotional connection."

This is dating no-no for two reasons:

Regardless of what dating site you're on, make sure you know what you want and that you categorize yourself correctly. The above example is based on something I actually saw. A woman was in an unhappy marriage and said she wanted a friend with benefits, but also long-term and not be just about the sex. Um, hello! That's not a friend with benefits--that's a relationship! If you want a long-term physical and emotional connection, you're looking for a relationship.

Now, I'll admit, in the past, I've been guilty of this myself. But, I realized what I was doing wrong. One time, I wanted to meet an attractive girl that I could kiss and cuddle with, spend time with, but that I wasn't perfectly matched with and could stop dating when I found someone I actually connected with. This is essentially a short-term relationship and it screams that what I'm actually looking for is a long-term relationship with someone I actually like. So, why not just go after what I actually want?

Sure, there are times when I just want to make out, but due to all those funny brain chemicals of ours, one make out session or one lesson of horizontal limbo is enough to make two people attached to each other who really have no business dating.

The other irritating thing about this is when people complain that they're not getting the emotional connection they need in their relationship, like their partner doesn't listen or talk to them, so they look for "just a friend" who will. That's stupid! If your partner won't listen or talk to you, dump'em! Don't look for a surrogate--look for someone who will be everything you're looking for. Otherwise, you're going to form an emotional connection to that other person and you'll be essentially cheating on your partner. When it comes to relationships, you should be committed mind, body, and soul. If you're not, or your partner isn't, it's either time to move on or go to couple's counseling. If you can't rely on your partner to be there for you, then they are no longer your partner.

6. "I don't know what to write."

It really isn't brain science or rocket surgery. Chances are, you know yourself to an extent and you know what you're looking for, so write about that. List the things you like to do and what sort of qualities you're looking for in a person. You don't have to put everything down, just enough to spark an interest and start a conversation. Remember, dating is a process and half of the fun of it is getting to know each other. So you don't have to put too much pressure on yourself to have every last detail. Just put something down for now and change it later if you want.

7. "If you want to know something, just ask."

You might think this is acceptable because when you meet someone in person this is an acceptable opening, but remember, the person isn't right in front of you and chances are, if they don't interest you right off the bat, you're not going to respond. And if this is all you put in your profile, you're never going to get a meaningful message because you haven't given anyone any reason to. Without knowing anything, you're going to keep getting "So, what do you like to do for fun?" or "What kind of people do you date?" over and over again. And after about the third time, you're going to stop responding.

But, what if this isn't the only thing you put in your profile? What if you have some great details about yourself and whom you're looking for? Surely, that grants you a pass, right? Well no, because just like, "If you don't like that I'm blank," this is once again an obvious course of action. People who are competent enough to know how this dating thing works will know to contact you if they like you. They don't need to be told.

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