Sunday, December 23, 2018

Why Socialization Is Important for INTJs

Hey, everyone.

So, as promised, I'm going to try to tackle the issue of why it's important for INTJs to socialize.

Obviously, it is extremely easy for INTJs to be cynical or sarcastic about socialization. We're the sort of people who only count on ourselves and limit our interactions with others since they don't meet our high standards. However, there is an important reason why INTJs should not limit themselves to their own world--perspective. That may seem like too simple an answer, but allow me to explain that through socialization, INTJs actually gain three different perspectives: on people, on themselves, and on the world, and each one is important for several reasons.

Perspective on People

Let's start with the one that would cause most INTJs to scoff: perspective on people.

As I have already said, INTJs prefer not to socialize with a lot of people. While a part of it is being introverted, which means being easily overwhelmed by external stimuli, the other part is that most people can't meet our exceptionally high standards. However, just because someone doesn't meet our standards, that doesn't mean our misanthropy is justified.

Some people are weak, ignorant, dumb, and incapable of critical thought, but this doesn't mean that they are completely devoid of value. Such people can still be hard-working, compassionate, lovable, fun, and pursuers of virtue and perfection. Although we may be mental mystics, INTJs can still see the value of such traits and those who embody them, and understand why such qualities are important in the world.

When an INTJ is left on his own, it is all too easy for his distaste for people to build into an all-consuming hatred, which can lead to wishful thoughts of utter obliteration or absolute dominance. However, when an INTJ gets to know people and see the hard work they accomplish, and see just how hard they continue to try, the stored misanthropy tends to dissipate as the INTJ begins to recognize the struggle of others as the same struggle he himself goes through. This of course develops empathy, and allows us to relate to another person and their struggles.

Perspective on Yourself

As I've already stated, being able to recognize and relate to the struggles others suffer can create a bond between us and them. But more than that, by socializing with others, we can learn to see the failures and shortcomings in our own characters and actions. INTJs can be rather arrogant, and think they are the standard by which everyone should be judged; their work, their life, their virtue, their thoughts.

However, thinking that you've reached the pinnacle of your existence and can't further develop is a rather self-destructive idea. When things become static, they can be hard to move, and the longer they're static, the harder they are to move. This can lead to either degradation or becoming "set in your ways." That is to say, either things start to break down, or they become impossible to move even in the face of undeniable evidence as to why they should.

By socializing with others, we learn in what sorts of ways we are lacking, and then pursue methods of repair. This also gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves and see if our standards and practices are actually as strong or as superior as we think they are. After all, even a twig can seem strong when it only needs to hold itself up, but that can all change when it is struck against a brick.

Perspective on the World

Thus, when we have proper perspective on ourselves and others, we can then have proper perspective on the world. After all, the world is made up of people, and most of them aren't you. When you're able to empathize with their pain and test your own strengths, this will aid you in understanding the world, how to deal with it, and what your place in it is. By witnessing the weaknesses and strengths of the world, we learn how to deal with our own weaknesses rather than letting them stagnate, and we show the world our strengths rather than keeping them all to ourselves. In the process, we may even find meaningful relationships and change the world in ways we have only previously dreamed.

I apologize for Perspective on the World being so short, but since the perspective of the world, is based on the other two--rather it is the synthesis of the other two perspectives--I fear that if I tried to delve any deeper into it, I would either be beating a dead horse or I'd eventually lose the plot.


And that's why it's important for INTJs to socialize. I hope I made my point. For next week, I haven't made up my mind on what I'll cover. Maybe I'll go back to Quick and Dirty INTJ Thoughts for a while. If you want to make sure you don't miss it, please consider joining my mailing list or to make sure I release it on time, support me on Patreon. I tend to take things more seriously when I get paid for them. So until next week... 

Keep writing, my friends.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

An INTJ's Prayer of Petition

Hey, everyone.

So, for this week I have something very different from the last two weeks. As it is Advent, the season in which we prepare for the coming of Jesus, I decided to write this keen prayer for INTJs as well as balance out the malicious and salacious things I wrote the previous two weeks. Hopefully, it serves INTJs in all the ways they need.


Dear Lord,

You know what sort of person I am, and what my soul desires.
You know that I pursue perfection though I may never attain it,
Since I know you are perfection, I therefore pursue you;
Please keep my mind and heart ever focused on you,
And I implore you to deliver me from my weaknesses and perfect my strengths.

Guard my mind from the afflictions of the world and the Devil;
Keep it sharp and clear so I may continue to perceive
the depths of the known and unknown,
And keep my mind ever fixed on Your timeless truths.

Keep my rationale safe from the afflictions of the world and the Devil;
Help me to keep my balance and health of mind
so I may know the divine logic
And apply it to my life to be as effective in my vocation as you desire me to be.

Protect my integrity from the afflictions of the world and the Devil;
Keep me true to myself and my values,
those which are based on Your mercy and justice,
And keep me strong, especially in those moments when I stand alone.

Safeguard my virtue from the afflictions of the world and the Devil;
Teach me to value, explore, and protect the world You have created
without falling to its wiles and temptations,
And show me how to be present without being possessed.

All this, I ask in Your name--
To commune with You ultimately,
To achieve glorious Victory,
To make the angels sing and the devils cry,
To not surrender my soul to one so weak, he has already been defeated.



Hopefully, someone finds this useful. I know I do as it matches everything an INTJ would look for in moment of petition. Next week, hopefully I'll cover why socialization is so important for INTJs, however I have no idea when it'll be out. The holidays do that to my schedule. If you want to make sure you don't miss it, please consider joining my mailing list or to make sure I release it on time, support me on Patreon. I take things more seriously when I get paid for them. So until next week... 

Keep writing, my friends.

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

The MBTI Guide to INTJ Threats

Hey, everyone.

So, last week's post of The INTJ Way of Saying 25 Sexy, Dirty, Salacious, and Raunchy Things was an interesting experiment. I originally intended to do the same thing this week, but with violent threats instead. Things didn't work out that way since so many threats are most effective in their simplest forms, i.e. "I'm going to tear you a new one!" Not to mention, you can tell how infuriated an INTJ is depending on the degree of break down in his eloquence, meaning such threats are best at their simplest and require no INTJ equivalent.

The reason why INTJs would let this be so is because while we are not violent people, we do have Se as our inferior function. Seeing as how Se is not a part of ourselves often seen, it becomes necessary to show those who are pushing our boundaries that we are not all timeless wisdom and mysticism. So, to scare the Hell out of these people, we may find it necessary to tell them straight up that we're going to bash in their skull in rather than say "I'm going to forcefully impact the side of your skull so as to cause its collapse."

At one point I intended to make a list of threats that INTJs might make and classify them according to which INTJ function was responsible for making them. This unfortunately proved rather difficult as all the threats I came up with, some of which beings quotes from music, movies, and video games, I soon realized most of them are the sort of eloquent threat that might be made via an INTJ's Ni function, or at least partly. It seems that INTJs are more prone to threaten a person with total annihilation than a simple skull-bashing or curb-stomping, at least when we're not actually infuriated and trying to be creative.

So, where does this leave this post? Well, it further proves that INTJs are human just like anyone else and when sufficiently irritated, they may find comfort and joy in the delightfully meaty and barbaric threats that less eloquent individuals are prone to. However, it also further illustrates that while INTJs may relish physical carnage, their first taste for vengeance tends to take the route of existential suffering or ultimate obliteration. Once you read the threats I have compiled, you will see what I mean.

1. I'm going to perish you like lesser people perish thoughts.

2. They'll never find your body.

3. I'm going to end you.

4. No mercy! No mercy! No mercy on your soul!

(Similar to a lyric from the song "Any Means Necessary" by Hammerfell.)

5. A plague upon you!

6. May no one remember your name.

(The English translation of Ezio Auditore's last words to Cesare Borgia in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.)

7. I curse you with a pestilence so foul, it'll make the ten plagues of Egypt look like a summer holiday.

8. I have become Death, the Destroyer of your world!

9. Fighting me is suicide since your death is assured.

10. Your suffering shall be legendary, even in Hell!

(Quoted from the movie Hellbound: Hellraiser II. I don't recommend it.)

11. My ire demands your death.

12. My swathe of terror shall be so great, it'll make Vlad the Impaler's rule look like a lazy Sunday afternoon!


I apologize for the brevity of this post, but it developed into something that I didn't predict, nor what I really wanted. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to fix it. With Christmas quickly approaching, I have so much to do. In addition to buying presents, I also have to bake cookies, rewrite ROCCO, which isn't going well, work out, put together a presentation for my young adults group, and I'm getting more hours at work. That's good for my paycheck, but it's bad for my free time.

I think these next few posts up until the new year are likely to be very short or basic. For next week, since it's Advent and fighting to keep one's faith is a theme in my book, I think I'm going to be writing an INTJ's prayer. If you want to make sure you don't miss it, please consider joining my mailing list or to make sure I never waste my time again, and support me on Patreon. I take things more seriously when I get paid for them. So until next week... 

Keep writing, my friends.

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