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25 Struggles Only INTJs Will Understand: A Response to Thought Catalog, Part II

Hey, everyone.

This is part II of my response to Thought Catalog's "25 Struggles Only INTJs Will Understand." If you haven't read the first part yet, you can find it here. Otherwise, let's get back to the action.

9. When your argument is valid, well researched, and factual, and yet the person you’re presenting it to still won’t accept it because it doesn’t correspond to their precise worldview.

This hasn't happened a lot to me since I don't argue with people because I don't have the patience for it, but it does remind me of people who say they like the Star Wars prequels or even the new ones despite the fact they agree with all the reasons why they're terrible. (And you thought INTJs are contradictory.)
10. Always coming up with the perfect comeback three hours after you need it.

I thought everyone suffered from this.
11. When you can recognize the value of making decisions quickly and yet your brain refuses to do so until you’ve mentally cycled through absolutely EVERY possible outcome first.

Well, it is always best to take action now rather than sit on it, but, yes, I often like to think things through. Sometimes past the point of taking action.
12. When a conversation with someone doesn’t unfold the way you meticulously planned for it to in your mind.

Yeah... This does happen. But again, according to a YouTube video I once saw, a lot of people suffer from this.
13. People assuming you’re being antisocial when you’re really just surveying your environment, trying to understand how to best interact with it.

Well, I don't know about the second part, but the first part is true. Generally, I survey the area from a distance because there's nothing else to do. What am I going to do? Survey it from up close? Sort of defeats the purpose of surveying. And it's not like I could actually interact with my environment up close. What sort of madness is that?


14. Being deliberate and thoughtful in your approach to building relationships in a world full of people who are careless and flakey in their approach to doing the same.

Hey, have I told you guys about my friend Mary, yet?
15. Having a vague, nagging feeling and requiring hours – if not days – to pinpoint what it is and where it’s coming from.

It doesn't usually take days for me, but I am familiar with this phenomenon.
16. Being forced to exist in a world where communication is largely subtle and implicit (and therefore wildly ineffective).

I have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, I understand that most communication is subtle and implicit, and that's how we are. But on the other hand, it is terribly inefficient.
17. On the flip side, having your particular form of subtlety go completely unnoticed by others when you do decide to implement it.

Holy sh*t! Yes!!! It's amazing to me how blind some people can be.
18. Constantly developing strange, niche interests that even you don’t completely understand.

I generally understand them, and they're not constantly developing, but I do have a lot of niche interests. I think, anyway. Maybe they're not really niche, just uncommon.
19. Constantly being called heartless by others, when in reality you experience deep, complex emotions just like anyone else. You just prefer to wear your logic on your sleeve rather than your heart.

I've never been called heartless, but I have been accused of being emotionless. One of these accusations happened on the playground during lunch when I was in middle school. I laughed at it because 1. I wanted to show I did have emotion, 2. The accusation was laughable (see #1), and 3. I don't know why the hell Lauren F. would care if I showed emotion or not.

Although, being this kind of Heartless would be badass.
20. Holding yourself to ridiculously high expectations at all times and therefore feeling the impact of failure much more intensely than others seem to – because you know without a doubt what you’re capable of.

There is something incredibly empowering knowing all my successes lie with me, but it's also extremely depressing to know that all my failures are mine. But at least, it's bad ass to say something like, "I'm the dominant force in my life. All my successes are mine... as are my failures." Holy sh*t. I could slap that on a t-shirt on sell it. (Copyright Bryan C. Laesch 2017)
21. Holding the people you care about to similarly high expectations, despite knowing that you can’t control their actions.

Yeah... It's said INTJs think highly only of themselves, but if that were true, we wouldn't hold others to high standards. I just want to think the best I can of everyone, and it's terribly dismaying when I know someone is capable of better, but they revel in being a pezza di merda.

22. Being perfectly capable of ‘Relaxing and enjoying life’ – but only after all the items on your to-do list are checked off.

Enh. My to-do list isn't that important to me. Maybe it's because there's too much on it, and I just figure that I'm not going to get everything done, so I just don't worry about it.
23. Being idealistic in your ability to perceive optimal outcomes to problems – but realistic in your understanding that nobody’s going to be willing to put in the necessary work to achieve that outcome.

Yeah, man. This is like the whole expectations and standards thing. It's like, we're capable of doing so much more and being so much better, so let's go balls to the wall, rock out with our c*cks out, and blow everyone's mind! But no one wants to do that. They want to scrape by with as little effort as possible. Che triste.
24. Becoming inexplicably stuck on small details or seemingly insignificant pieces of information if they do not fit into the system of logic you’ve constructed internally. To others, it looks like fixation. To you, it’s just the unyielding need for everything to remain logically consistent.

I want to say this is true, but I can't think of a specific example from my life where it is or has been.


25. The constant desire to give up on the external world altogether and become a hermit – but with the corresponding understanding that as a hermit, you would be unlikely to get anything meaningful done. And so, life as you know it goes on.

Holy sh*t, yes. This is so damn true. Although, being a writer, I don't have the luxury of letting life as I know it go on. If I don't put some serious effort into changing it, I'll be stuck here for the rest of my life. But I'm not going to lie, forsaking this world and it's possessions, temptations, and frustrations looks better and better every year.


So, if you couldn't tell from my comments, these are all true, although some are more accurate than others. Hopefully, if you're an INTJ, this lets you know that you're not alone in your struggles, and for those of you who have INTJs in your lives, hopefully this will give you some insight into their problems. And inform you on how to stop being such an ass! Anyway, that's going to be it from me this time. This week's second article will be about 10 things you shouldn't say to an ENFP and whether or not an INTJ would say those things to an ENFP. Is the mythical romance between the ENFP and INTJ all that's cracked up to be?! Find out later this week. Until then...

Keep writing, my friends.

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Another Open Letter to CRWBY and Rooster Teeth--Stop Making RWBY

Hey, everyone.

I apologize for the clickbait title. I wanted to catch the attention of Rooster Teeth and CRWBY because I have a special message for them personally, but feel free to stick around, and if you agree with my message, go ahead and comment down below to add your voice to the conversation.

So, my message to CRWBY and Rooster Teeth is stop making RWBY. But, let me clarify: I don't mean stop making RWBY completely, just stop for a short time. See, I got your little email today about a new season of RWBY Chibi and I am disgusted. Why? Because this constant barrage of RWBY will ruin RWBY. How?

Well, I will agree that RWBY is special, but what is it that makes it, or anything, special? Well, there are a lot of things, but one of the factors is rarity. The more common something is, the less special it becomes. You ever hear the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder?" By giving people the opportunity to miss something or someone, their desire to have, see, or want that thing or person grows. But if it's around too much, people get tired of it and they stop caring. It's almost like the law of diminishing returns or the famous saying "familiarity breeds contempt."

This is exactly the sh*t that Disney is going through with Star Wars. I mean, it doesn't help that all the new movies are sh*t and just made to push a political agenda while making a buck, but add to that, with a new movie coming out every year, it won't take long for Star Wars fatigue to set in. And if it can happen to the biggest franchise in the world, you better believe it can happen to RWBY. But that's not all.

See, with RWBY, we knew we were going to get a new season of Chibi and the main show every year; that's not a problem. But when you release this sh*t in quick succession one immediately after the other, RWBY fatigue will undoubtedly set in sooner than later. And let's be honest, Volume 5 was not that good. It was better than 4, but it doesn't even begin to measure up to the first three. (I'll explain my theory behind this when I do my Volume 5 Review in a couple of weeks.) And because Vol. 5 was a long, hard, and sometimes very disappointing journey, we the audience need a break from RWBY. We need to recover from it and be allowed to miss it. Otherwise, just like Disney and Star Wars, this is going to go tits up.

So, Burnie, Matt, Kerry, Miles, CRWBY, and the rest of you, stop making RWBY for the love of your show and money at least until people start missing it again. You don't need to smother us with it. We'll all be excited to see Chibi when it comes back in the summer, and we'll all be properly primed for Volume 6. We're not going anywhere, and we're not going to forget you. Please, do this right.
Keep writing, my friends.

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25 Struggles Only INTJs Will Understand: A Response to Thought Catalog, Part I

Hey, everyone.

So, in keeping with my hopes to reignite my interest in writing, as well as the fact that I'm sitting on several topics already, here's another response post. This one is to Thought Catalog on their article "25 Struggles Only INTJs Will Understand." Will these struggles be my struggles, or can I add these to the ways I buck the INTJ stereotype? FYI: this post will only cover struggles 1 through 8 because I get a little long-winded in some of these first ones and I get a lot long-winded with #8. So, Part II will be up next week. So, let's take a look at these struggles.

1. When you want to explain something concisely but instead end up giving a three-hour speech on the origins of this particular school of thought and the various opinions that surround it because you can’t bear to explain only part of the bigger picture.

Well, this isn't accurate to the letter, but the spirit/theme is. I try to explain things on my blog as concisely as possible, but I always feel the need to add a lot of specifying detail just so my audience knows exactly where I'm coming from and what I mean. I don't know if it's as much an INTJ thing as it is an English major thing; you know, "state your thesis and defend it." Yeah, English majors have to master that.
2. When someone tries to change the plan at the last minute, not understanding that you now have to re-construct the entire day (and all the corresponding scenarios you might encounter throughout it) mentally – which takes much more time than you’re being given.

Well, this overdramatizes the problem a bit, but it's partially true. I know I've made plans with friends and then at the last minute, they change them and I have difficulty adjusting to the new plan. This most often happens with my friend Mary.

One time I went to meet her for coffee, and when I got to the shop, she told me to get in her car and we went to a bar because she needed a drink. We then went to a sushi place; it was my first time--I wasn't impressed. She tried to further push the day by saying we should go to a hooka bar, but grazie a Dio, it was closed. She's also changed meeting times at the last minute too because she can't get her ass in gear and then my being anally-on-time turns into an extremely-anally-early.

3. Everyone assuming that you’re glaring at them when you’re really just concentrating intensely.

Well, sort of. When I concentrate, I make sure not to look at somebody so they don't think I'm staring at them. Truth is, if I'm looking/staring at you, I mean to stare at you.
4. Having the intelligence and decisiveness to be a revolutionary leader but completely lacking the patience to deal with the people you’d have to lead.

Yeah, that's definitely true. Except for me, the big issue would be the responsibility involved. Leadership comes with a lot of it, and that doesn't do me well as it means I can't just cut-and-run when I want to. Sometimes I get super anxious about certain decisions, like I'm locked-in to them. When that happens, I run and I run fast.
5. When friends or coworkers encourage you to ‘lighten up!’ or ‘smile!’ as though that is going to solve the problem that you’re working on.

Pretty much, except my problem with "lighten up" and "smile" is that if I think I'm smiling or lightening up artificially, I'm going to hate myself for it. I want such moments in my life to be genuine, not just because some assh*le told me to.

6. When you have no choice but to follow an inefficient rule and it makes you die a little inside every time.

Depends on how inefficient the rule is and whether or not I'm getting paid. If I'm getting paid, I can swallow my pride and do it. But if it's pro bono and it's super inefficient, like that time I tried to schedule an appointment to see my counselor at Wayne State when I was at the counseling office and they told me I had to call to schedule, yeah, I died a lot that day.
7. People constantly assuming you’re shy when really you just aren’t interested in wasting mental energy conversing about 90% of the topics that are brought up over the course of a day.

Yeah, more or less. Although, in my case, they don't assume I'm shy, they just assume I'm an assh*le.


8. Your brain’s tendency to mull over each social interaction for weeks after the fact, analyzing what you could have done or said differently.

Something like that. I do mull over social interactions long after they've happened, but it's not necessarily because I'm wondering what I could've done differently. It's usually because I'm wondering what the other person was thinking or why they were doing what they were doing. Would you like an example from my own life? Story time, kids!

So, years ago, I went to Stony Creek Metropark with my friend Mary to go kayaking. We did and we ended up kayaking a good distance across the lake. It turned out to be a super distance that I hadn't realized at the time because the current helped to take us out and then we had to fight it on our way back. Phew! Very tiring. Anyway...

We found a shady spot along the shore and got out of our kayaks. Suddenly, Mary looks over at me and says, "Oh! Now that we're in water, you can pick me up." I was terribly bewildered by this statement because she had said it as if this was something we had planned beforehand, and I had no memory of it. So for the first couple of minutes that I'm holding her, I'm terribly confused, trying to remember if this was something she had told me. Turns out she hadn't; she was just being spontaneous.

So, I'm standing in water in which I can still touch the bottom of the lake, I'm 6'4"-6'5" remember, and I'm holding her like you might hold a girl as you carry her over the threshold. Not a particularly sexual/intimate hold, but for some reason, I'm intensely and strangely sexually attracted to Mary--I don't know why. So, you can imagine what sort of physiological side effect this scenario has on me, and the whole time I'm thinking, "She has to be able to feel that. There's no way she can't." Anyway, because she can't stand in the depths we're in and I was curious to see if she was just as light if I held her the other way, I had to drop her legs from one arm, embraced her with both, and swept her legs up with the other arm. And then I did it back, and again, the whole time our bodies are touching and touching.

Skip ahead a few years, I'm thinking about this incident while I'm in the bathroom and I have the revelation "Hey!!! Was she flirting with me?! Did she want the D, or a kiss, or something?" because why else would a girl put herself into that position with a boy, right? I asked her about it, and while she said she didn't remember the incident, she said she reserved the right to flirt with me when the moment strikes her. And! She said another time that that's just how people flirt when swimming, which is news to me, and I'm pretty sure it's news to a lot of other people, too.

Since then, so that I don't look like a cuck or a beta male, I've instituted a new swimming rule that says whenever a girl gets so close to me that the only thing keeping me out of her is two very-thin-layers-of-whatever-they-make-swimsuits-from, I'm going to kiss her because I think that's what most girls are after in such a situation. And if the girl gets pissed, I'm going to tell her, "Look, honey: if you don't want to be treated like my girlfriend, don't act like my girlfriend."

Phew. That took up a lot of time. Anyway...
So, just as I said, that's where I'm going to halt things for this week. Look for Part II to come out on Tuesday night next week.

Keep writing, my friends.

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RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 13 Critique and Review

Hey, everyone.

So, this past week saw the release of the first chapter 13 since about Vol. 2. I think so anyway as I don't plan on going back to check, but anyway, Vol. 5 Chapter 13, "Downfall" was released and it was pretty grand... in the sense that it answers where the Vol. 5 budget went. But I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. Although, as per usual, there are more complaints than things I actually liked despite the fact that this episode was pretty hype. So, let's talk about it, and just so you know, I'm treating this episode like two scenes: everything that happens above ground and everything that happens below ground.


Scene 1: Above Ground

What I Liked:

1. The first thing I really liked was the little twist on Jaune's Semblance. We all assumed that Jaune was healing Weiss, but Jaune explained that Aura actually heals and that he was just amplifying Weiss' which was what was actually healing her. This of course does raise the question of how long and much can he do this for before he dies himself, but it would explain why he's so interesting to Team Bad Guys and why his ancestors are rumored to have been legends (by the fans at the least).

2. When Mercury disarms Ruby and he asks her what she's going to do now, Ruby's voice seems to deepen when she says "Whatever it takes to shut you up." I know this is weird, but it almost sounds like Ruby's balls drop which I thought was funny. So...

3. I was super right about what would happen if Nora and Hazel were to get into it! Hazel done goofed and gave Nora exactly what she needed to turn his crap into sh*t and throw it right back at him.

4. Finally, the Menagerie Faunus show up and they're f*cking armed to the teeth, not to mention they brought the Mistral Po-Po. Adam's proper f*cked! But, the best part of this scene was actually watching Adam lose control like the spoiled child he is and then see Blake pwn his ass. It was super satisfying to see that. I hope Adam chokes on Blake's d*ck.

5. And finally, I loved the hell out of Weiss' Queen Stinger stabbing Hazel and flinging his ass back into the battle. I'm super psyched to see Weiss' power up and I hope she pwns Hazel since he's no longer cool.

Ooh! That's gotta sting.
(Gosh dammit, Barb!)

What Could've Been Better: 

1. So, the first thing that irks me is that there was no proper Emerald and Mercury versus Ruby and Yang fight. It would've been really cool to see these four characters have a proper fight rather than the practice session or sanctioned matches we've seen in the past. I want to see Yang plant her fist in Mercury's face and Ruby stick her boot up Emerald's ass.

2. So, Nora, eh? You know the line she said before she hammered Hazel. She said, "I don't need him to hurt, I just need him to go down!" Like, that's how she said that line, as if her voice bolded when she said it. And the only thing I could think of when she did that was the scene in RWBY Chibi where she says, "I'm so hungry!" right before eating the Grimm-possessed pancakes. So, has she become a meme of herself or what. I don't know what's going on here. I have some very strong mixed feelings about this. If I had been writing that scene, I wouldn't have done that. Not even under the excuse that Nora is all cranked up on the electricity.

The tonal shift is funny here, but in the legit episode, it feels played up.

3. So, right before Ruby headbutts Mercury and her balls drop, Mercury disarms her and decides to taunt her. This part bothered me because Mercury really didn't knock her scythe down that far away from her. Using her Semblance, she could've easily picked it back up and rallied against Mercury before he could get the entirety of his smugness out. Seriously, if he wanted to kill Ruby that badly, he should've followed up immediately rather than taunting her.

4. Next, I've got a few problems with the Menagerie Faunus. It sort of bothers me that there's no scene of them preparing to show up at Haven or in transit or training. There really should have been just a little something; at least a scene explaining where their shields and spears came from. Also, it bothers me that when they show up on the scene, they're not in formation or in ranks. To an extent, they don't even look like they're ready for a fight. I want them shoulder-to-shoulder, spears up in a standard shield wall-phalanx formation and ready to f*ck sh*t up. It would've also been good for morale because then no stray shots could get into their formation.

5. Why'd the Fang use so many explosives on the Haven tower that it could've killed everyone in the vicinity when they detonated? Talk about overkill. I get that they're terrorists, but that's just a waste of resources--the Dust, the wiring for the bombs, the whole campus of Haven that could be converted into a headquarters and training grounds for new recruits and conscripts. Hasn't Adam ever heard of being discreet, or at the very least, a controlled demolition? Stupid Adam. Choke on Blake's d*ck.

6. Lastly, how'd Blake cross the courtyard to where everyone else so quickly and without any one in the Fang stopping her? I get it; we need a reunion for our girls and especially between Yang and Blake, but it really should've waited until the last episode because then the emotional payoff would've been much more satisfying. Team Good Guys would get to see who saved their bacon, Yang would've come out of the vault looking like a hero for kicking her mother's ass, and then we get the big reunion and end scene. It would've been great.


I only have one question here: how will Jaune augmenting Weiss affect her Semblance, but more specifically, what will it do for their relationship? Could this be the spark of something new from something old? Probably not, at least, not for another volume, but I wouldn't mind seeing Weiss give Jaune a hug and a small "thank you" after everything's over. As for Weiss herself, I hope to see her super-powered now, especially because she kind of needs it. She was lagging in the development of her Semblance (as indicated by her exchange with Winter in Vol. 3), so her being able to summon isn't the big new thing she's doing--it's the big thing she should've been doing already. Not to mention, Ruby has her silver eyes, Yang has learned not to go through everything, and Blake's Semblance has evolved along with her public speaking. And besides that, Weiss is a glass cannon. It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't try to be so dainty on the battlefield, but at least now she'll be a proper force to be reckoned with.

Scene 2: Below Ground

What I Liked:

1. So, I don't know why I didn't put it together until Raven said it, but Cinder's arm is actually Grimm, and that's why her Aura didn't defend it against Ruby's silver eyes and against the explosion between her and Raven. That's a really cool technical point about the RWBY universe mechanics that made a comeback and had a real effect on the story. As a writer, you have no idea how much joy that gives me.

2. Alright, so that fight, it was awesome. I do have one complaint about it (see below), but it was great. It reminded me of Sephiroth and Cloud's fight in Advent Children along with Sora and Xemnas' fight at the end of Kingdom Hearts II. It was fantastic and explains why we haven't gotten a proper fight in a bunch of episodes. But, I'd still advise the CRWBY to balance out their funds better over all fights so that less important ones don't suffer. Remember, there are no small fights, only short ones. (That is to say, every fight in a show/movie should serve a point.)

3. I really dug the fact that Vernal wasn't dead and that in her final moments, she was able to help Raven win. So, I guess I can forgive Vernal for being a bitch to Weiss earlier in the volume as that was pretty clutch. Also, it was pretty sweet how Raven won the fight what with freezing Cinder and just letting her fall.

4. Lastly, that Relic room was pretty dope what with it being outside of time and space. Unfortunately, we didn't really get to see the Relic all that well, but seeing what little we did was pretty cool. I wonder what gave CRWBY the idea for it.

What Could've Been Better:

1. To start off: big, dumb, elemental swords. That was the worst part of the fight and completely pointless. At least all their other swords shattered forcing them to advance their tactics as the fight went on, but creating two gigantic swords is completely pointless. They should've just formed their energies into single beams of fire and ice and then Kamehameha-ed them at each other. That would've made more sense since it would've brought the full brunt of their powers to bear against each other and not a small portion.

2. Cinder didn't die, and that's not good in my book. She looked like her Semblance was completely defeated, so why didn't Raven just kill her outright? Remember, when it comes to media, if you don't see a character legit bite it, you can't assume they're dead, and so without a body, Cinder's probably alive. Not to mention, the powers of the Maiden didn't flee her body as they're supposed to when the Maiden dies.

This was pretty cool to see, too. Man, Ruby f*cked up Cinder!
She phantom-of-the-opera-ed her.

3. Lastly, Yang's fall down to vault. How long did she fall for? If she fell for as long as it seems like she did, shouldn't she have broken every bone in her body upon landing and just completely pancaked on the floor? Or did she Mario-jump her way down? Either way, she really shouldn't have landed as easily and as fresh as she did.


1. The first insight we have is Raven and Cinder's back and forth calling each other's monsters. With Raven's accusation, that makes sense, but what did Cinder mean when she called Raven one? Was she referring to the fact she can turn into a bird? And did Raven do that for power, or just so she can spy on people? If so, Cinder's accusation doesn't hold as much water as Raven's does. Unless Cinder meant Raven's Maiden powers and there's still something to the powers of the Maiden that we don't know about, which could be likely since there were all sorts of hints dropped in Vol. 4. But again, did Raven become the Spring Maiden just for power? Probably not.

1a. Editing this, I just had a brainwave. We see Cinder doing something with her right arm in Vol. 4 and Salem asking her if she lied about wanting power. Might this have something to do with Cinder's arm be transformed? Did the transformation require something incredibly painful? And because Cinder now has the powers of the Maiden in her, plus the powers of the Grimm, is that why she now feels handicapped or like she's always burning?

2. During the fight, Cinder managed to absorb some of Raven's power and I wonder if that'll change Raven or Cinder in some way. What happens when the powers of two Maidens is contained within a single body? Is it even possible? Seems like it as that was Cinder's plan all along what with killing Vernal. But, what will even that small portion of power transferred do to both women?

3. Lastly, I have to ask the question of what the hell does Raven want the Relic for? Does she think it'll be safer with her than in the vault? Well, with Lionheart playing traitor, that might be true, but then again, without the power of the Maiden, the Relic can't be got at, so what difference would it make? And I highly doubt Raven wants the Relic just so she can team up with Team Good Guys now. So, why the devil does she want it? What's in it for her? Doesn't she know that more power means more problems?
Alright, so my review. Well, there's not much more I can say about this episode. Because most of it was action based, there's not a whole lot to talk about and I already told you guys that I like it. Although, I do wonder if Cinder will come back and interfere with Yang and Raven's fight. Oh yes, that's right. I'm not even going to ponder it, I'm calling it now--they are going to have a fight. Additionally, I have to wonder what will become of Cinder when she meets Salem again. I don't think Salem is just going let her goof slide, but at the same time, Salem can't kill Cinder because she's too important to the overarching plan, so that puts both Salem and Cinder in quite a pickle. Salem can't exact her wrath to the extent she should, and Cinder's arrogance has gotten the best of her again, except this time, she super failed. She doesn't even have the destruction of Haven to show for her efforts.
Speaking of which, I hope we get a legit battle between Blake and Adam, and I hope that bastard pays. Other than that, there's not much to say or speculate on because it's almost assured that Weiss will ruin Hazel's day while Ruby f*cks up both Mercury and Emerald, hopefully with her silver eyes. Although, it does beg the question of what Jaune will do meanwhile. And, I wonder how the final reunion will be handled. Will Yang forgive and forget instantly, or will Blake and Yang's true reconciliation not come until next volume? That's how I would do it to be honest. Yang has got a lot to process and Blake has a lot to answer for. Better it all happen next volume rather than cramming it into the last episode with everything else that needs to happen.
But, anyway, you guys, that's it for this week. I'll see you guys next week. Now, let's hope I can keep Chapter 14 to myself long enough so I don't ruin it for the YouTube audience as it will be released this Saturday.

Keep writing, my friends.

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10 Things You Should Never Say to an INTJ: A Response to Psychology Junkie

Hey, everyone.

So, yeah, I've had the devil's time of getting back into writing. Part of the problem is I got a video game or two that I don't need to connect to the Internet in order to enjoy, so I've been playing the crap out of those. So, I'm going to try to get a couple of response posts out to make up for the lack of production, and in this one, we're looking at 10 things you should never say to an INTJ as speculated by Psychology Junkie here. Are they right, or will this be another list of ways I buck the stereotype? Let's get into it.

1. You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About

While it's possible I don't know what I'm talking about, if I decide to join a conversation, then that most likely means I have something to contribute, which means there's at least an 80% chance that I know something about the topic. True, a person won't necessarily know that my contributions are rare, but if you know a person is an INTJ, you really shouldn't say this to him as he will definitely take it as an insult.

2. You Think Too Much

Maybe you don't think enough, you ever think of that?! Huh? Huh?!

But seriously, INTJs might be over-thinkers. A friend of mine once compared me to Hamlet because I had a tendency to think so much about my problems that I would think them dead, to the point where action was no longer a choice, or I would convince myself into not taking action. So, learning to think less could be good for INTJs. But! I am forced to ask: have you ever looked at the world and wondered why it's so f*cked up? There are a few reasons for this, but one of them is that very few people think about what they're doing. So, how about this? I'll promise to think less if you retards promise to think more. Deal?

3. You Need to Lighten Up!

INTJs don't lighten up, at least, not out in public. At home, we can be very light, absurd, and downright ridiculous if the mood strikes. But, if someone tells us this while we're out, we're going to darken even further. This statement comes across as criticism, so we're likely to take it negatively, and we don't like it when other people try to tell us our business or take undeserved authority above us.

4. You Can’t Do That

Hold my beer and watch this.

5. You Should Smile More

Again, just like with thinking too much, maybe you smile too much, and just like with lightening up, we're more likely to frown harder and heavier when told this. What makes you such an expert on the ways of life that you know for a fact smiling would improve my life somehow?

But seriously, when it comes to smiling, I really hate it when people are disingenuous or seem to be wastefully cheerful. As a result, I don't want to cheapen my smile or my happiness by smiling when I don't actually feel like it. I want all my smiles to be genuine. So, if I'm scowling and you don't like it, give me a reason to smile. Or f*ck off. Either or.

6. Because This is How It’s Always Been Done

Well, maybe there's a better way or maybe it's time things change.

This isn't always the case, some things should never change, but there is a lot that can. Where technology is concerned, there's almost certainly a better way of doing things if you're willing to experiment a little.

On a more personal note, I used to wear a hat all the time, including indoors. Why? Because I like hats. But my parents would always try to get me to take it off. I finally asked why one day, and my Old Man said that by wearing a hat indoors, I'm insinuating to my host that I'm in a rush to leave. Personally, I don't think this argument holds any water, especially not among family and friends. I thought of a better reason later which was that a hat shelters your head while outside, but when inside, you have a roof for shelter and to keep wearing your hat indoors can be an insult to your host because it's like you're saying, "I don't trust your roof to keep me sheltered, so I'm going to rely on my own."

But, way back when, I mostly wore my hat indoors because it was a part of my look and I liked it. So, when people told me to take it off, I refused, and it was partially because I wanted to be contrary to show that an old-fashioned tradition doesn't mean sh*t these days. So, don't say this to INTJs unless you can give a good argument as to why a procedure or tradition has never changed.

7. You Need to Go Out More

Maybe you go out too much! You ever think of that, huh?!

No, but seriously; there's not much out in the world that we want to see and experience for ourselves. My mother knew someone who went to Machu Picchu, and when she asked him how it was, he said it was exactly like it was on TV. I took that to mean that there are some things out there that are not any better in person than they are in a photograph. Plus, going out more means that we would have to deal with people more and we aren't people persons. And since we're not very social to begin with, and we're unintentionally weird, we are likely to "go out" without any sense or idea of what to do after. Without some better direction, we're not going to know what to do with "out" when we find it.

So, if you want to tell us to go out, make sure you give us a good reason why and list a few places we can go that might be of interest to us.

8. I Just Decided to Pop Over!

Yeah, don't do this. Even if you're friends with the INTJ. For starters, it's just plain rude because we might be busy, and secondly, INTJs abhor disturbances and distractions. And with how weird we can be, you might walk in on something really strange and we won't want to explain ourselves because that'll be more embarrassing than what you caught us doing. Just, just don't do it.

9. Here, Let Me Show You How It’s Done

Well, we're not insane, so if it's something that we genuinely don't know how to do, it's fine. But when I say "fine," I mean the womanly "fine"--the lying "fine." Everything will eventually be truly fine, but to avoid all tension and problems, what you should do is tell us how to do it, just don't do so condescendingly. Also, we're smart enough to make the necessary jumps in logic to the next steps, so don't be surprised if we're a faster study/learner than the people you usually explain things to.

10. That’ll Never Happen

I could go into a big thing about how INTJs love possibility and we're romantic enough to be like, "Never say never" or some crap, but I'm going to keep this short and leave you with this:


In conclusion, Psychology Junkie is more or less right. These are 10 things you should never say to an INTJ, although #8 is more of something you shouldn't do to an INTJ. I mean, when I say "should," I don't mean we're going to rip your arms out of your sockets for saying these things to us, but we will be upset, and in some cases, we'll damn near kill ourselves just to prove you wrong, which could actually result in something cool or wonderful happening, but it's probably not a good idea.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll see you guys on the flip side.

Keep writing, my friends.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 12 Critique and Review

Hey, everyone.

So, this past week Chapter 12, "Vault of the Spring Maiden" was released, and it was quite surprising for a few reasons.  For starters, I thought it was going to be the last episode of the season, I mean, that is the way things have been done since Volume 3, I think. Possibly Vol. 2, and although Vol. 1 is all over the place, if you buy the DVD/Blu-ray, the episodes are re-organized into a 12 episode scheme. So when I saw how short Chapter 12 was, as well as the ending, it's quite surprising to me that this wasn't the last episode of the Vol. But, besides that, there was a major twist at the end that I didn't see coming, and I was really pleased with it. Plus, we find out what Jaune's Semblance is. How fun, but let's talk about these things in greater detail. And as last time, I'm going to treat this episode as a single scene.


So, I don't know why this is, but in almost every episode there are always fewer things I like than things that could've been better, and this episode is no exception. But while there are a lot of things that could've been better, I'm not as irritated with them this episode as I was last episode--I don't know why. This episode just felt better than 11. That's not to say it was perfect, but most of my criticisms against Chapter 12 feel like nitpicks to me. So, keep that in mind.

What I Liked:

1. Oscar whacked Lionheart, which looked like it hurt a lot,
2. Hazel roiding out was kind of cool. I don't think we're ever seen gold Dust before unless that's supposed to be electric Dust, which then begs the question of what will happen if Nora gets to fight Hazel again?,
3. I actually really like the fact that Ruby is angry. She's been so sweet and kind for so long, and seeing that things aren't getting done by her being sweet, she's now mad which means sh*t is going to start happening. I hope she kills Emerald,
4. But the best part in this episode was the twist that Raven is the Spring Maiden. I almost j*zzed myself when I saw it the first time. I know someone who said they saw it coming--I think she's full of sh*t--but the twist does make sense seeing as how every time Cinder uses her Maiden powers, her eyes flare and we've never seen Vernal's flare, but every time she's used her powers, Raven has had her helmet on which begs the question of how did Cinder miss that? It doesn't matter. I just hope Cinder chokes on Raven's dick.

Cinder done goofed!

What Could've Been Better:

1. So, one of my biggest beefs with this episode and the last is that there's too much going on. As a result, the editing and cutting is all over the place. It wasn't as bad this time around as it was in Chapter 11, but it was still pretty bad. I would recommend Kerry, Miles, and all other writers out there try to find a way to limit the number of characters in a scene so that this disjointed way of storytelling doesn't happen to you.

2. I was sort of irritated that almost all the fighting stopped after Weiss got injured. I mean, Cinder decided to go after the Relic rather than finish the fight which is strange to me. Team Good Guys had two of their members down and another two can't fight for beans, it's better to scrape the rest of them off and then go after the Relic. True, they couldn't have predicted Jaune's Semblance activating, but they didn't have to. Just finish the job while you have the upper hand.

3. Yang's fight with Emerald and Mercury bugs the hell out of me because Yang knows that some of the things she's seeing aren't real and she knows Emerald is just standing there, so why hasn't she put 2 and 2 together yet? That's pretty stupid of her. At least though she's absorbing all those hits she's taken from Mercury. That's going to come back to bite him in the ass next episode.

4. Hazel, Hazel, Hazel; talk about a character that had so much potential for being cool. Now, he's completely ruined by his stupid reason for hating Ozpin. It's one thing to be mad about his sister's death, but to blame Ozpin for it, to call Ozpin evil for it, to want to kill him for it and all the hosts who share his body, that's all real stupid. I'll pour some out for you, Hazel, but that's where we part ways. You are now forever ruined.

5. Ren was completely useless this episode. Everything he said from his "This is bad" to "I think she's stabilizing" was completely useless and didn't add anything to the episode. Kerry and Miles probably gave him those lines so he had something to say, but the fact that they're so obvious and don't add anything is really painful. Shoot whoever gave him those lines.

6. Oscar refusing to allow Ozpin to take over is dumb. He was almost outclassed by Lionheart, what makes him think he can hold his own against Hazel? So dumb!

7. Why is Qrow suddenly so impotent?! He took Tyrian on and beat his ass, but he's been totally jobbing it to Raven, Lionheart, and Hazel. If this is all to create more tension, I'm going to be pissed.

8. And lastly, there's the whole vault scene. Raven really didn't do things right here. She completely telegraphed her plan by donning her helmet and grabbing her scabbard when she didn't need to, and I'm surprised that they didn't think Cinder was going to try to double cross them. True, they couldn't have known about Cinder's parasitic ability, but once they saw that they were alone in the vault with Cinder, they should've teamed up on her and murdered her. She's all by herself, and if Vernal had dealt the deathblow, then Raven would've had two Maidens under her command instead of one. But now, Vernal is dead (apparently), but at least we'll get a cool fight scene between Raven and Cinder.


So, for this episode, I have three questions:

1. Why is the vault in Haven grander? I wasn't worried about it before, but the fact that Cinder mentions "extra effort," that must mean it's important for some reason. The Haven relic is Knowledge, but that doesn't really tell me anything. Perhaps it's supposed to and the CRWBY want us to pay attention to the vaults in each academy and their Relics. Maybe there is a connection.

2. What is Cinder's parasite and where'd she get it? I don't think it's her Semblance as there's something Grimm-y and Salem-y about it. But, if memory serves right, Cinder uses the same arm to kill Vernal as the one Salem was doing something to back in Vol. 4 when she was teaching Cinder how to use her new powers. We didn't get to see what they were doing, but the two are most likely related. It's especially strange because I think Cinder used her right hand to suck Amber's powers out.

3. How did Raven hide the fact that she was the Spring Maiden? I mean, I've already covered that, but does Ozpin really not keep that close of a tab on the Maidens that he doesn't know who has their powers and when? That's a pretty poor system he's got there.

3b. But, there is something more interesting to consider than that. According to Oz, Qrow, and Lionheart, the Spring Maiden was inexperienced and ran off and found Raven. So, that should mean Vernal was the Spring Maiden, but somehow passed on the power to Raven because everyone should've known that Raven was the Maiden. So, how did that happen? Can the power of the Maiden just be willed to someone else without death? If so, that seems like a huge oversight someone missed. Or maybe, Raven has her own parasite?


So, this episode. I think I liked it. I really liked the twist at the end where Raven turned out to be the Spring Maiden, but everything else gives me mixed emotions. Like I have mixed emotions about Jaune's Semblance. Great, it's here and we know what it is, but at the same time, we got a gigantic hint about it when Pyrrha awakened his aura, so why was that such a mystery? Why did Kerry and Miles feel like they needed to hide it? And why did it take five volumes for it to manifest? Was that necessary from a writing stand point? And the fact that Jaune is a healer gives me mixed feelings because it seems to add to his girliness. I mean, he screams like a girl, his sisters braid his hair, and now he's a healer/white mage--that's really sort of a woman's class.

I'm also unsatisfied with this episode by way of the fact that it still seems to be written as if it's buying time for the next episode or even the last. Everything is weirdly drawn out and the episodes are short and unfulfilling as a result. Miles and Kerry may need to take screenwriting classes, or at the very least, watch some scathing YouTube reviews on the last Star Wars movie. Those will teach you all you need to know about how not to write.

But, anyway, you guys, that's it for this week. I'll see you guys next week. Now, let's hope I can keep Chapter 14 to myself long enough so I don't ruin it for the YouTube audience as it will be released this Saturday.

Keep writing, my friends.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Are INTJs Narcissists?

Hey, everyone.

So, I've got a story for you. For about the past week, almost every time I open Pinterest, there's almost always a pin about narcissism or pins titled things like "How to Tell if You're Dating a Narcissist." The first time I saw one, I didn't think anything of it because occasionally something random will pop into my Pinterest feed, like home decorating tips. But I kept seeing these narcissism pins. When I think about it now, it could be because I save a lot of psychology-related pins, but if that was the reason, then I should also be seeing pins about other mental disorders. So, the only thing I can connect these pins to are all the pins I save on MBTI and being an INTJ which would make sense since INTJs are sometimes called narcissists, but are they really?

I'll be the first to admit that we INTJs have superiority complexes and we often look down on others for being mundane, predictable, boring, or stupid, but I have a hard time convincing myself we're narcissists. I mean, think about this for a second: where does the word "narcissist" come from? It comes from the ancient Greek myth of Narcissus, a man who fell in love with himself after seeing his reflection. But here's the problem; while INTJs do think themselves better than others, that doesn't mean we're in love with ourselves. In fact, I'm willing to bet most INTJs don't think themselves narcissists.

But, there's a problem to that: the common, modern, slangy usage of narcissism is in reference to an arrogant person, which is disappointing because I'm quite fond of the word "pretentious" and the phrase "pompous ass." But, there is an easy answer to all this and that's to just take a narcissism test and be done with it, which is what I did. Do you want to see my results?


These are my actual results. I screen captured them so you know I'm not lying.

That's right, ladies and germs, I scored an 11. Now, I don't know what that's out of, but considering I scored, not just lower than average, but lower than the average range, that's pretty telling. I mean, I only scored a little more than halfway to narcissistic. However, this image only tells you my total result. See, the test results are broken down into several values: Authority, Self-Sufficiency, Superiority, Exhibitionism, Exploitativeness, Vanity, and Entitlement. So, how did I do in each category?

Well, look at that. I scored quite low in Authority and Superiority, Self-Sufficiency is about average, and in Exhibitionism, Exploitativeness, and Vanity, I didn't score squat. But as indicated by the red bar, I scored quite high in Entitlement. But, what do these values mean? Well, I thought ahead, and copied and pasted them below.
Authority refers to a person's leadership skills and power. People who score higher on authority like to be in charge and gain power, often for power's sake alone.

This trait refers to how self-sufficient a person is, that is, how much you rely on others versus your own abilities to meet your needs in life.

This trait refers to whether a person feels they are more superior than those around them.

This trait refers to a person's need to be the center of attention, and willingness to ensure they are the center of attention (even at the expense of others' needs).

This trait refers to how willing you are to exploit others in order to meet your own needs or goals.

This trait refers to a person's vanity, or their belief in one's own superior abilities and attractiveness compared to others.

This trait refers to the expectation and amount of entitlement a person has in their lives, that is, unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with one's expectations.


So, let's break these down and analyze them to see how likely an INTJ is to have these traits.

Authority: While it is mentioned quite often how well INTJs lead, it is well-known that they don't want to lead. They're the sort of people who like to either stay out of the way or go do their own thing. So, it's not too surprising that INTJs would score low here, but we'd still expect to see a bit of a score due to their natural leadership abilities. What probably keeps INTJs from being narcissistic here is the condition of having or being in power for the sake of power. No INTJ wants power for the sake of it. What the hell is the point of that? There's no meaning in power for the sake of power. INTJs believe that if you have power, you should have it for a purpose.

Self-Sufficiency: Well, that's a big 10-4. Yep, INTJs definitely have this; screw relying on other people. But why then is Self-Sufficiency not through the roof here? Well, for the right INTJ, it definitely could be. For me it isn't because I still live with my parents and I am well aware of how dependent I am on them. Not to mention, although INTJs don't like depending on others, that's not to say that we don't--it could just mean that we don't like talking about it. Remember, acknowledging to people how important they are to us doesn't come easy to us, but we have no problem admitting it to others (like I just did).

Superiority: Another that's quite self-explanatory. But again, why wouldn't this be higher? Well, for the right INTJ, he will know that he doesn't have all the answers or all the best ideas. Once in a while, someone comes up with something better. Not to mention, just because we think ourselves smarter, more moral, better thinkers, etc. that doesn't mean that we think we're better human beings than you. Everyone has their own unique talents and gifts; I may be smarter than you, but you might be a better worker. You might be more generous, kinder, more loving, and these qualities just might mean you're a better person overall whereas an INTJ is better than you in one specific way.

Exhibitionism: Yeah, it's no surprise that INTJs would score low here. One of the reasons why we don't want power is because of how central we'd become to everyone and how they'd all look to us. You tend to get a lot of attention when you're in charge, even if you don't deserve it, like Obama. And even if we do become the center of attention, it doesn't take long for the novelty of it to wear off.

Exploitativeness: INTJs tend to be tit-for-tat, turnabout-is-fair-play sort of people, and we know that we don't want to be exploited, so we're not likely to exploit others. The other problem is that we don't tend to know a lot of people, and you can't exploit someone you don't have access to. Plus, being exploitive gets in the way of self-sufficiency. If you're constantly exploiting someone else for what you need and want, how can you call yourself self-sufficient? Alas, INTJs are not exploitive.

Vanity: Ah, this goes back to what I was saying about superiority. True, we do think ourselves superior, but that doesn't mean we believe in our superiority. I know that sounds contradictory, but it's one thing to know you're smart, but it's quite another to think you're smarter than everyone else. Plus, physical vanity doesn't fit the INTJ's MO either. We may put effort into our appearances, but we don't tend to think highly of our physical attractiveness.

Entitlement: So, I scored highest in entitlement. But does this mean that I'm entitled or that INTJs are entitled? Looking at INTJs first, while we don't like being the center of attention, to an extent, we do feel like people should be heeding our advice and wisdom. We also think we should be recognized for our abilities and accomplishments which covers the point on "unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment," but what about "automatic compliance with one's expectations?"

Well, you could twist that around to mean that INTJs have exceptionally high standards of people, and most people don't meet those expectations. However, the simpler explanation would be when INTJs tell someone to do something and instead of just blindly following orders, they start asking questions which irritates the hell out of us (even though we'd totally do the same). But, what about me?

Well, I definitely think I should be recognized for my abilities and achievements, most especially my writing which I feel has been largely ignored. It wouldn't bother me so much if my friends and family had at least bought my books, but they haven't. The other thing about me is that when I took the test, I was going through a hard, dark time. At the time, I felt abandoned by God because it felt like all my prayers had fallen on deaf ears, and it was especially stressful for me because while I know nothing is impossible for God, there were two times recently where he could've easily fixed my problems and didn't. So, it's possible my entitlement was high at the time due to my emotional stress, but it's also possible because I'm a writer, but it could be because I'm an INTJ. I don't know. I'd have to take the test again, once when my money problems are non-existent, and a second time when I feel like I'm being recognized for my literary opera.

So, what does that mean for INTJs and narcissism? Well, I think it's pretty obvious--INTJs are not narcissists. Sure, we think ourselves superior, but it takes more than a superiority complex to make a narcissist. And I don't believe myself to be one even if I scored high on entitlement. Hell, I have a lot of issues on the whole "loving myself" front, so I'm definitely not a narcissist. And I don't keep this blog to show you all how special I am, I do it to market myself, which is exploitation, and boy, does it suck. But, I don't think INTJs are narcissists, however a larger data sample is required before an accurate conclusion that can be drawn.

Anyway, that's it for today. Hopefully, I'll have something else out this week INTJ side. I'm actually sitting on a lot of response posts, but not many of them are written. So, until then...

Keep writing, my friends.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 11 Critique and Review

Hey, everyone.

So, this past week, chapter 11, "The More the Merrier" was finally released. I say "finally" because I was expecting it out on the 23rd rather than the 30th (for those of who aren't watching it on YouTube, and no, I didn't sell out to RT First). Speaking of the schedule, in case you didn't know, there are going to be 14 total episodes this volume. That's something I didn't know until after I saw Chapter 12. I mean, with the way it ended, I was able to infer that there would be a Chapter 13, but since I don't follow any of the CRWBY, nor do I check the RWBY Wiki or even the regular Wikipedia, I had no idea that there were going to be 14 episodes.

Anyway, chapter 11 was quite the thing... or not. A lot of it I wasn't expecting, and it fell flat in a lot of areas. Let's talk about it. And since it was mostly a single scene, that's how I'm going to treat it and I'm not even going to bother talking about Adam and the Fang.


What I Liked: So, there were a lot of things I didn't like about this episode. A lot of things, but there were still some things I did like. Also, I've noticed that my section of things I liked is hard to read, so I'm going to number these.

1. I liked that Yang was able to recognize and call Raven out when they first met up with Lionheart,
2. I liked Lionheart's weapon although I don't know what it is or what it does,
3. Qrow had the better comebacks to Raven when they were having their sword clash,
4. Our boy Oscar actually looks like a competent warrior. I mean, I don't think he ever actually hit Lionheart--Lionheart blocked them all--but he did push Lionheart back which demonstrates his competency,
5. Ruby's silver eyes re-emerged, and
6. Jaune made an attempt on Cinder's life. I really wish he had succeeded.

Additionally, I liked that Raven mentioned how Ruby reminds her of Summer--not since Vol. 2 have we gotten anymore information or character detail about Summer, so that's good to hear.

What Could've Been Better: Okay, so there are a lot of problems with this episode. This is another one of those times where if you need to get a snack or go to the bathroom, you should do so now because you won't be getting up for a while.

...Done? Ready? Good.

For starters, I wish Nora would pack it in and get over the idea of magic. Auras and Semblances exist, and she can't accept the existence of magic? Really? Next, we have a huge expositional problem in that Raven won't explain why she thinks Salem is unbeatable and Qrow and Oz won't explain how they know she can be beaten. Seriously, if everyone just sat down and had an open and honest dialogue, so many problems could be solved. I know it's Japanese-y or anime-y to have conflict because people don't talk things through, but that is one of those things from anime that should be dropped entirely even in Japan.

Next, I want to mention the impossibility of having Cinder shoot a fireball through Raven's portal so instantaneously like that. Did Cinder really have that bitch charged up and ready to go when Raven opened the portal? And did Cinder know it was going to hit Ruby, or did she aim it? Speaking of questionable tactics, why was Qrow trying to keep everyone calm? Cinder and Raven weren't there for a calm encounter--did he really think telling everyone to keep calm would work? And then when the action broke out, he charged right for Raven and engaged her, not the other way around. And continuing with the questionable tactics, Oz and Qrow suspected something fishy was going to happen, so why was everyone so surprised that they had walked into a trap? Why didn't they go in with their weapons drawn and auras up?

Next, I have several problems with the way the fight progressed. Despite Jaune's great opportunistic move to kill Cinder, he still can't fight for beans. Cinder was toying with him, he fell when he went to stab her which is weird, and then when she had her foot on his chest, why didn't he grab her foot or her leg and try to twist and break it? That would've been the better tactic than trying to reach for his sword. He could've also kicked her in the back of the knee, bit her, or he could've punched her in the tw*t. I would have! There were so many better things he could've done than saying how little his life matters in comparison to everyone else's. And since I'm talking about combat tactics, I find it strange that Vernal sliced Weiss' ice shield rather than going around it which would've been easier, faster, and not used as many resources. Seriously, that ice shield didn't spread from one side of the room to the other. I get that it made her look more intimidating, but if I could've gone around, I would've.

And lastly, I have some characterization problems with this scene. The least offender is Cinder being pissed off that Jaune tried to kill her. I mean, if I was fighting someone to the death and they legitimately tried to kill me, I don't think I would take it personally, or at the very least, I wouldn't be mad about it because I started the ruckus by trying to kill them first. So then, who is the worst offender? It's f*cking Emerald what with her talk about how she "owes everything" to Cinder. I'm sorry, but even if I was saved by a bad guy, I wouldn't give that bad guy the pleasure of a life debt. I would serve them, but only up until a point, that point being when I find out that they're a bad guy. Then I'd stab them in the back super hard.

But super-duper lastly, Ruby's silver eyes were only in the episode for a flash and it was Emerald who stopped her. So that's two major strikes against Emerald. She's now on my sh*t list.

Questions/Insights: Okay, so despite the straightforward-ness of the entire episode, there are two things that stood out to me. The first is that Raven assigned Vernal to take out Weiss, and I have to ask why. I mean, Raven specifically told Vernal to take out the heiress and not to waste her power on Weiss. Those are very specific instructions issued from Raven to Vernal. Did Raven tell Vernal that so she wouldn't be tempted to fight everybody, or does Raven have some personal beef with the Schnees? I can't think of anything Weiss might have said to Raven that would've caused her to hate her, but I don't believe it was by coincidence either. Vernal and Weiss would've partnered up with somebody eventually, so why pit them against each other on purpose?

The second thing that stood out to me is Hazel telling Ren and Nora that he would rather not fight them. This is the second time Hazel has said that this volume. I mean, when he said it to Sienna, it made sense because it made him sound diplomatic and trusting, but when he's part of Team Bad Guy who's there to seriously f*ck up Haven, does he really not expect to get personally involved or fight at all? Why is he so passive? Cinder makes mention early in the episode that Tyrian and Hazel would've found all the huntsmen anyway, meaning that Hazel has already killed for Salem, so why hold back now? Is he a pacifist, or did he just not want to fight children?


Alright, so now the review. To be honest, I don't think I liked this episode. At first, I thought it was great because of all the action that happened and the fact that Jaune almost successfully avenged Pyrrha, but the execution of the episode was terrible. Everyone's fighting seemed off or at the least, kind of sucked. Why? Were there budget issues this volume, was there too much going on in this episode to focus on really badass battles, was everyone on Team Good Guy genuinely outclassed by Team Bad Guy, or are Miles and Kerry trying too hard to be suspenseful? I've got to admit, I'm starting to have serious doubts about Kerry's and Miles' writing. Or it could be Kerry's directing, but somewhere, something sucks and I'm not sure what it is.

Another major problem I have is them playing with Weiss' death. It's like, c'mon! Nobody believes she's going to die. For starters, she's a main character. Number 2, they went the extra mile to show that Cinder's spear didn't hit Weiss center mass and Weiss didn't burn into ash like Pyrrha, so she's obviously not dead or going to die, so why bother playing around with it? Just for the sake of Jaune's Semblance or to hopefully build up their relationship? Well... I'll approve of that action if Jaune's Semblance is super badass and he gives Cinder a limp to go with that missing eye. Although, I will admit that Weiss' fighting ability seems to have deteriorated since Vol. 3 (Everyone's has!). I mean, Weiss can barely hold her own anymore. Where was the Weiss that fought in the tournament and against the paladin? This is a different Weiss, and she's worse.

Lastly, I don't know, all I have left for my review is hopes for next episode. For starters, I hope the Faunus from Menagerie show up and Ilia, Blake, and Sun all rip out Adam's throat, I hope Jaune chokes Cinder with his d*ck, I hope Emerald gets put down for willfully backing the wrong horse, and I hope Ruby's silver eyes return and that someone finally explains their deal because all we know is that they seem to be connected to Ruby's emotions and the relationships she has with her friends.

Oh, and where did Qrow and Raven f*ck off to during the fight? And why isn't his Semblance doing sh*t like it did to Tyrian and Ruby? Ugh!

Well, that's it for this week.

Keep writing, my friends.

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