Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Hi, guys. So here's a short story I wrote just for the fun of it. I may make it a series. The premise of it is that the main character, the narrator, somehow switches places temporarily with someone else at some point in history. In this first part, a guy from the modern age gets transported back to Ancient Egypt. The image used is of Sadie Marquardt, a belly dancing phenomenon. Enjoy!

     One day, I was in need of a change, so I decided to catch a show at my local theater where they were having a belly dance exhibition. I was very impressed with what I saw—the women were beautiful, the costumes were showy, and the music was quite interesting to me.

     As the night wore on, they requested a volunteer. I held up my hand, and they called me up. The MC told the audience that I was to be a guinea pig. He then called out four beautiful girls dressed in four different colors. One was green, one was red, another was purple, and the last was in blue.

     The spotlight hit the stage and centered on me and the band began playing. All four of the girls looked at me and smiled and began to dance. First they started shaking their hips and wiggling their bodies but then they started to dance around me. I found myself in a circle of shifting pelvises, smooth skin, fragrant perfume, and intoxicating pheromones.

     And then, the world changed.

     Everything became a little hazy. I felt myself pulled from my body, away from a world of time and fact, back to a place of magic and mystery. Images of a crocodile, a falcon, a jackal, and a big, bright sun flew past me. I saw a tremendous alabaster city in a sea of sand.

     I then found myself in a stone hall, almost like a temple, and I was aware of a mass of people gathered before me. They were my subjects and a group of men to my left were my advisors. I was dressed in white clothing and wearing gold. The air was dry and hot, and an exotic incense filled my nostrils. Between me and my audience were four beautiful women with sun-kissed skin wearing similar clothing to those of the belly dancers in the theater. There was also a strange music that filled my ears like nothing I had ever heard before.

     This was not my world, not my reality. I don’t know how I knew what I knew, I just did.

     This was something new, and I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to leave it. But as the music began to wind down, and the girls’ dancing began to slow, I found the imagery before me change again. It was hazy and dark, and as I felt myself pulled back into my body, I swore I could feel another presence pass me in the rift.

     When my vision cleared, I found myself back in the present amidst applause and the girls themselves bowing to the audience. As I was escorted off the stage and back to my seat, one of the girls looked at me with a sly smile and winked.
     I wonder; what did she know and what did she do?

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