Friday, May 3, 2019

Quick and Dirty INTJ Thoughts #7: Hypocritical INTJs

Hey, everyone.

Today, I'm talking about hypocritical INTJs. Unfortunately, there's not much that can be said as the meme really does explain it all, but let's see what I can squeeze from this stone.

So, as the meme says, there are no hypocritical INTJs. Why is this? Well, when you have a person that bases his entire life on logic and being right, he's going to make sure that his total existence follows suit. To not do so would be a violation of this logic, and if it violates logic, it can't be right. Remember 2+2=4, not 5.That's what it's like to be inside an INTJ's mind: it's like one giant math equation that needs solving.

But what does happen when you find a hypocritical INTJ? There are two possibilities depending on the situation: 1. Weaker, less developed INTJs will offer excuses and try to justify their hypocrisy, or 2. Regarding points that INTJs don't really care about, they may try to save face by pretending to be aloof and questioning whether or not "it" really matters.

While neither of those are good outcomes, the real tragedy comes from the fact that because INTJs' minds work so fast and argue so gracefully, they may actually convince someone in scenario 1, or their quick response will disarm and defuse the situation in scenario 2, basically ripping the wind out of their critic's sails. While it may seem like the critic can't win in either scenario, the truth is that no one really wins, especially not the INTJ. In scenario 2, pride is preserved, but under false pretenses, which the INTJ recognizes as false and will do what it takes to fix the problem without being noticed so he can maintain the lie he's living, and in both scenarios dishonesty of any kind is anathema to INTJs, hence self-destruction is not far behind.

But what about strong INTJs, or INTJs that do care? Well, while they won't accept defeat gracefully, because the only thing better than being right is being effortlessly right all the time, the INTJ will re-evaluate their lives and thought processes, and make the necessary changes. Sometimes these changes take days, but most often they're almost instant. And in some cases, the INTJ may apologize for being wrong or smug, depending on the situation.


Well that was surprising. I didn't think I would get so much. Of course though, I do re-write and edit thoroughly, so the above was not the first attempt. Anyway, I admit I have been neglecting this blog as of late. Other things have been occupying time. Another issue is that I didn't really have any good ideas for topics--nothing that could light a fire under my butt. But, due to some recent events in my life, I was able to come up with three new ones. The first of which will be 5 Challenges INTJs Face in Leadership Positions. Until then...

Keep writing, my friends.

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